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Abyssinian Rescue centers are the place to find an Abyssinian cat, one of the most popular purebred cats on the basis of this website’s popularity poll (see home page for top 10).

I guess the problem with the rescue centers is that you are probably not going to be sure that the Abyssinian Cat that you want to adopt/keep is a purebred or not.

Obviously a breeder will be able to produce documentation (a pedigree and a registration certificate to one of the registries) but abandoned cats, purebred or not may not have a recorded history.

That said, who cares? Half purebred cats are as good and may be better. It all depends on the person. And it is a competition between the aesthetics of a fine purebred (if you’re into that sort of thing) against the concept of developing a warm relationship with a needy cat and probably saving her/his life to boot.

Here is a compilation of Abyssinian Rescue Centers in the USA and UK and any other that come up in searches together with information on their location (a closely guarded secret most often) so you know roughly (at least) how to get to them without having to fiddle around on the internet to much. These centers do not usually ship so location is important.

I confess this was quite a lengthy task. It is much easier to find breeders, but most cat breeders will take back a cat from a customer if there are problems. That route should be tried first for a cat keeper of a purebred cat having problems. This may account for the lack of rescue centers for the Abyssinian cat.

Most purebred cats that are abandoned or given up because of behavioral problems. But who has the behavioral problems? The cat. But her problems are nearly always due to our behavior. They are therefore most often fixable.

Note: the Somali Cat is a long haired Aby.


Adoption fees vary but seem to be in the order of $100. There are very few rescue organizations dealing exclusively with Abyssinian cats. There are a number of purebred cat rescue centers however. I list both types of organization here:

The National Abyssinian Cat Rescue (NAR). This seems to be a kind of co-ordination organization. I can’t see exactly where they are located except it must be in California. I found this site from another slightly hard to find site, The Internet Cat Club, which lists rescue centers or organizations for other cat breeds (link broken May 2012).

Specialty Purebred Cat Rescue  They don’t give an address as far as I can see but do say that the don’t ship and therefore you pick up. That means driving distance from these places: Kenosha, Racine, Milwaukee, Burlington, Madison and northern Illinois. They are based in the Mid-West.

DFW Purebred Rescue. This as the name suggests is for purebred cats. The list of cats available is “powered” by Petfinder.com, so it seems to be closely affiliated to Petfinder.

Cat Purebred Rescue. Located in the  greater Puget Sound area of Washington State. This is a small site and not much activity is indicated as at May 2008. This may be due to it being new or old and fading.

Devine Felines Purebred Rescue Located Northern Nevada. Some adopters come from Northern California. Nice site. Couldn’t see any Abys on the available page.

Purebred Cat Breed Rescue The linked page lists breeds other than the Aby. This organization if affiliated to the Cat Fanciers Association. This is a directory of rescue centers so it operates at a national level.

Southern California Abyssinian Rescue, Inc. (S.C.A.R.). As the title states the catchment area is Southern California.

Northern CA Abyssinian Rescue-Foster & Placement – no website so please contact by phone or email: Email: SHRescue@abyssinians.org
Phone: (530) 701-8077.

Click on the link to go to a page dedicated to purebred cat rescue on this site


The Abyssinian Cat Association – This organization is recommended by the GCCF (premier UK cat association). The site as at May 2008 is being rebuilt so I couldn’t test it (update: link broken so removed – 13-5-08). I would start here if you are looking for Abyssinian rescue (when the site is working). They seem to connect people as opposed to list available cats.

Abyssinian Cat Club Once again, I would contact them for information on adopting a rescued Abyssinian cat. Always keep in mind the Somali as well. An Aby in a long coat.

From Abyssinian Rescue to Abyssinian Cat (slide show and reference to breed standard)

Sorry to have limited this to the USA and UK. Obviously Abyssinian rescue is possible in many other countries but the best way to deal with that is to approach assocations first and go from there.

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