ACAB means “All Cops Are Bastards” And “All Cats Are Beautiful”

In Madrid, Spain, a woman, Belén Lobeto (see below), was facing a fine for carrying a bag emblazoned with the initials ACAB. The police interpreted this to mean All Cops Are Bastards. Having been stopped by a couple of police officers she protested her innocence when showing them that the bag had a picture of a cat on it and the English phrase All Cats Are Beautiful.

“All of a sudden two officers of the law ran after me to ask me for ID and informed me that they were going to fine me for wearing this bag,” Lobeto posted on Facebook

“Police just denounced me opposite my house (near the Calderón) by carrying this bag.” – translation from Twitter post seen below

She loves cats
Beautiful Belén Lobeto – picture from her Twitter account. You can see that she likes cats because of the background image – a cat coat
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All Cats Are Beautiful
All Cats Are Beautiful

The fine of 600 euros is being reconsidered.

The slogan ACAB was banned last year after anti-government protests. This very attractive lady clearly meant ACAB to mean All Cats Are Beautiful. The police were overly sensitive.

There is quite nice link between cops and cats in this story. Until today the link that I know of between cops and cats has to do with cops killing cats, something entirely different but with an underlying connection.

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2 thoughts on “ACAB means “All Cops Are Bastards” And “All Cats Are Beautiful””

    1. Agree!
      And, how dare they interpret an lettering unless it explicitly reads, All cops are Bastards”.

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