Academics with Cats — 8 Comments

  1. Embarrassing to admit that my 6 year old tomcat “Matata” has “Sprayed” on my computer monitir twice and on one occasion damaged my monitor.Electronic components are very sensitive to moisture and water and his urine damaged the sensor operation chip.He also has the habit of “Spraying” at other locations in the house although a freak as he doesn’t know the method of mating! A joker in the “Cat World” a real freak. He is lucky to be born in my house and owned by me as any other owner would have abandoned him for his ruinous bad habits let alone his inability as a “Stud Cat”..Otherwise he is a very loving and affectionate cat, childinsh and dog-like in behaviour.

    • You are a very tolerant cat guardian. He is a great cat, though. That said, it would be very distressing to me if my cat sprayed over my computer. It would be a disaster 😉 .

  2. Mitzy and I have a morning routine which consists of me sitting at the computer with my keyboard in my lap. I usually don’t even get to open my email before she’s sitting on the floor next to me, ready to jump up. She’s looking for her daily taste of coconut oil which is nearby.

    After she’s done with that, she will sit for awhile, and sometimes get very comfortable on her back, stretching her paws overhead for a chin scratch and tummy rub, many times closing her eyes for a short cat nap. Although I may be anxious to get on with my emails, I usually give in to these relaxing moments as a form of meditation. This reminds me that the little being in my present moment is the real priority. These moments don’t last long, and usually after about 5-10 minutes, she jumps up to a favorite sleeping spot on top of my dresser, or the high shelf I set up for her, near the ceiling.

    I find myself unwilling to move if she’s resting on me in the chair or in bed. I do make an exception when I have to pee really urgently!

    • I am exactly the same as you, Sandy. I want to get on with writing for this website and along comes Gabriel to disturb me and I accept that. It slows me down. I stroke him and talk to him. I jump out of my concentration and what I’m doing and remind myself that there are more important things such as interacting with my sweet boy Gabriel, slowing down and focusing on quality of life. I thank him for that. This is a lesson we learn from our cat companions.

      • Just remember all of the healing qualities that cats have too offer while you are relaxing with your cat companions and postponing work. The excellence of your work greatly increases because of these quality times with your cats.

  3. I love this article! It is so true of most cats. Although my Rex will not assist with paperwork, computer work, or any type of craft or office chore, he is always near waiting to assist with the printing. 😀 He jumps up and runs to the printer to watch, and grab, the papers coming out.

    • Every day, my Gabriel walks over the computer keyboard unless I stop him. He wants me to pay attention and I do!

      With academics it becomes more important because a lot of their work is on computers and a lot of them will be cat guardians.

      Cats don’t understand computers and their lives are better for it. I remember the days before computers. They were better.

      • I agree that pre-computer days were better. Either way, there is nothing as comforting as snuggling around a soft, purring kitty while trying to work. I wouldn’t want it any other way. <3

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