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“Acceptance” as one guiding principle in cat caretaking — 10 Comments

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  2. Lovely photos ladies 🙂

    I have to agree. To really appreciate a cat you have to let them behave as a cat. I can’t understand that if we have a person in our lives as a companion we accept their behaviour whether its good or bad yet our cat is our companion and part of our family so why can’t some people accept their normal behaviour? Its part of them so we shouldn’t take part of them away especially their precious claws 🙁

  3. Yes you are so right Michael, a true cat lover accepts everything about a cat and doesn’t want to change any part of him. Anyone who can’t accept cats as they come should never have a cat as a pet.
    We can only have true friendships with people who we accept for who they are and who accept the way we are too and it’s the same with a cat.
    Cats accept us just as we are so we should return that compliment.

    • they sure do and their love is so forever. they ask for not much only affection, love some food and snuggles and cuddles. we keep our cats inside n outside. We have no problems with them sleeping inside as we want them to have all the comforts of a family

  4. Truer words were never spoken. Nicely put together article too, as usual Michael. I wonder why it is easier to accept a cat and her behaviors fully, yet so hard in human to human relationships? That isn’t necessarily true across the board of course, as there are humans who expect a cat to be more like a dog for instance. Or to “behave” whatever that means. If acceptance were the norm, there wouldn’t be so many abandoned animals.

    Thanks for the good teaching.


    Daisy (RIP) fully accepted Marvin taking over her bed.


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