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Acceptance of violence makes a cat owner less caring? — 2 Comments

  1. 85 or 90% of people in the US would rather get rid of guns probably but being just about the most corrupted government on earth I believe the government does what it wants for money reasons. I mean’t legal corruption by the way. ‘Lobby Groups’ in my opinion are the legal face of corruption yet often times completely without moral nor consideration of the general population. The NRA has also enough political power to make senators scared into voting a certain way. With that many gun deaths a day how can the US government get up in the morning and even look at themselves without doing something about it. Furthermore the laws they were trying to pass were really mild. No automatic assault weapons with big rounds of bullets and more stringent laws stopping mentally unstable people from getting their hands on guns. Seriously you would have to be a total nutjob yourself to vote to allow mentally unstable people to buy guns. I think the US government is full of mentally unstable people if they can seriously believe that they shouldn’t let other nutjobs buy any kind of guns they want. IT’s not like they are trying to ban guns. Not even a tiny bit close to that. They are just trying to get rid of some obvious things but NO. Aaargh. It’s so crazy and dumb I can’t even think about it. They actually vote against a background check. Who the hell makes so much money selling guns to gangsters so they can kill eachother and makes a fortune out of it, and happens to have alot of power in government. Who is it and why aren’t they in jail? They are crazy. They don’t care about anything. It’s totally nuts. And listen to all the 2nd amendment nut jobs (older country folk I guess) who would rather just live with a gun under their pillow. It’s crazy. It’s completely barbaric. It’s also backwards. What kind of people promote violence like that. They would rather everbody have guns so they can shoot the bad guys. c.r.a.z.y

  2. The USA seem to have a completely different attitude toward guns than we do. I have a friend over there who can’t believe we don’t all have a gun in our homes and even more so that all our police aren’t armed.
    She goes off alone to a lonely farm in the ‘wilds of wanny’ as we call isolated places here, for stuff she needs and there is no one else for miles around, I’d be terrified to know the farmer has a gun and is liable to use it when someone arrives unnanounced as she sometimes does.
    As guns seem to be everyday items there I’m not surprised all Americans are not shocked and horrified at the killing of cats. If a cat is shot here we go all out to ensure the killer is found and punished.
    I feel very much for the gentle and compassionate people in the USA who don’t want violence in their lives, not only towards their fellow men but towards animals too.

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