Accidental Burmeses

Accidental Burmeses

by Marina
(Cobourg, On., Canada)

B&W door pose

B&W door pose

I wish I would have known what kind of cat I was getting many years ago. Of course when accidents do happen it usually doesn't mean a whole lot and so I had assumed it was with cats too.

A neighbour of mine had a Persian cat, and quite a beautiful one of white and gray. But she wasn't too educated in cats to know what to watch for or how to make choices in terms of breeding cats.

It just happened that her Persian cat was in heat and looking for a mate, conveniently another neighbour's Siamese got into the picture. As a result came the most interesting and beautiful cat.

My cat is a sable with a definite Siamese personality and very low maintenance with what I call a hypoallergetic fur.

She definitely has the rounder physique, a bear face with an amazingly silky fur. To this day she has been attracting a lot of attention and how it was that I found such a beautiful variety of cat.


Accidental Burmeses to Burmese Cat

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Accidental Burmeses

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Apr 12, 2010
by: Tracey (UK)

She is absolutely beautiful!

Definately the type of cat you have to look at twice!

She reminds me a little of a cat we used to have some years ago.

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