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Accidental Cat Thefts — 4 Comments

  1. I believe that the RSPCA have been telling people who ring them for advice about a cat in a bad way, get told that if they provide water and food for the stray, then they are 100% responsible for that cat. This includes vet care, so in theory you could be prosecuted for not proving vet care when all you were doing was trying to improve life for the poor cat.

    I am constantly disappointed by Cats Protection these days.

    • Sounds bizarre to me. Thanks Jane for your comments. They are most welcome. They really are. You have earned money for a cat charity. I’ll be running the 5c per comment scheme in July as well or August.

  2. Wow an ignorant stupid law,my neighbors cats come over to my property all the time especially one cat from 2 streets over and I feed them along with my outside colony,unbloody believable.

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