Accidentally spraying a cat’s drinking water on a man lead to fatal stabbing

A Bangladeshi man who looked after 12 cats in Petaling Jaya, near Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, was stabbed to death in front of the house where he lived.

Petaling Jaya
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The violent incident was kicked off when the Bangladeshi man accidentally sprayed the person who killed him with water from what I understand to be a cat’s bowl. We don’t know why this should have caused the incident. There may have been background animosity between the two over the man’s 12 cats.

Sadly the cat owner suffered 12 stab wounds to his back. The house where the stabbing took place had been converted and rented out to several foreigners, one of whom was the stabbed person. The rent was paid to the suspect’s mother.

Both the suspect and his mother fled from the scene. They are being sought by the police.

“The suspect and his mother, known as Asniyah Asrawi, fled immediately after the incident and efforts are being made to locate them.”

Comment: It seems to me that the victim from Bangladesh was feeding 12 cats and renting a room at the home of the man who was his landlord who eventually killed him because of a dispute over the cats he was feeding.

It appears to be what one might describe as ‘a stray cat dispute’ but in this instance it was Malaysian-style which ended in murder. There are occasions when violence breaks out over cats in the West too. If you read the ‘cat press’ as I do you see them not infrequently.

Source: The Star Online

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