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Accused Oregon Cat Killer Headed to Court March 30 — 9 Comments

  1. I know this is a year-and-a-half later, but I’m really surprised the child protective services did not step in for the boy. They have stepped in for relatively innocent actions in the past, removing kids from a home they deem unsafe for far less an offense. By now everyone knows what happens to kids who torture animals. It greatly increases their odds of becoming sociopathic toward humans, too. So I would be very surprised if the child was not removed. Does anyone know? As for Titan, God rest his soul, and continue to heal his family. 💔

  2. Yea it all worked. The scum got 30 days. I’m writing it up now so Michael has it in the morning. As for the judge, when he dies, I hope Titan gets to determine where he spends eternity.

    • I tried like hell to make it today but lack of transportation kept me here. I would’ve started crying if I was there anyway. What I was trying to get the courts to do beforehand was get his son counseling so he can grow up with a healthy mind. What happened there?

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