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Activated Charcoal for Cats — 12 Comments

  1. I am not sure if my cat got poisoned i know he was messing with the lilies for a little while i kept moving him away and just threw them out. Would it hurt to give him activated charcoal just in case?..

    • I don’t think it will hurt because it is a benign substance. Take care in administering it. Good luck.

  2. Our old outdoor cat was recently lying around and appearing to be dying – not moving much, sleeping, glazed eyes. I wasn’t sure what had happened to him but thought perhaps he had been poisoned – as of our other cats were poisoned and died. I opened up a capsule of activated charcoal and mixed some of the activated charcoal with his wet food over 2-3 days. It worked. He is now doing better and acting like his old self – wanting to be outside and running around.

  3. Our old cat was lying around, almost looked like he was dying. We kept checking on him and I wondered if he was poisoned, as he is an outdoor cat most of the time. (We have had 2 other cats that were poisoned and died). So, I broke open a capsule of activated charcoal and spread some of it on his wet canned food and mixed it in. I did this over 2-3 days and he is doing just fine now. Glad I tried this as I believe it saved his life.

  4. Michael, can you elaborate on what you mean by “doubts about it’s use on a practical level”?

  5. Activated charcoal is not just for poisoning. It can be helpful with candida, parasites, and constipation.

    • Thanks Sandy. It’s a pretty impressive home treatment. I just have doubts about its use at a practical level.

  6. Thank You Michael. You have stated that activated charcoal can’t be given to an animal that is already obviously unconscious-so next thing to do is get the cat to a vet asap.

    If the cat is awake , and you administer this remedy either thru a dropper[ in the edge of the mouth so the cat will not aspirate] or on their food [ wet cat food only because the fat contents help the charcoal to absorb faster ] then it will mask the poisonous ingredients which caused the problem in the first place.

    Sometimes the pet will vomit; which is what can also make it impossible to put anything in their mouth.If you know what the toxin is and if it is safe for you to give ipecac syrup to make them vomit >then you can do so, But then you cannot administer the activated charcoal because the two produce a chemical reaction in the cat and may kill it.
    So always try to obtain a sample of the toxin to give the vet when you get there. Anyone who has pets should now look up what types of poisons ingested would make it beneficial and safe for them to ingest activated charcoal with. Eva

  7. Michael_Your article on how to treat poisoned cats and dogs is very useful.I will do some research as I have four Maine Coons in my home. I do keep activated charcoal in the medicine cabinet but have never had to administer to any animals yet.

    Thank you,

    • Thank you Eva. I am not sure myself whether I would be able to administer activated charcoal to my cat if he ingested toxicants. There may be complications. For example he may be unconscious which would make it impossible. There are certainly complications about administering this treatment but that said it may save a life and is therefore worth mentioning.

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