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“Active Cat” – Inherited, Learned or Stimulated? — 6 Comments

  1. I was wondering if you could send info. and pictures of the Sphinx breed. Thank you for your time. btw loved your write up

  2. I’m not learned enough on breeds to say that some are more active than others. I have always had random cats but know that some are, definitely, more active than others. It’s a mystery why that is. I believe, though, that feral beginnings play a part. I, also, agree with Marc about black cats being more active.
    I have a black boy that was a feral kitten and now domesticated (we won’t say his name because he is finally napping) that would make a normal person want to set themselves on fire. Thank goodness I’m not normal.
    The running, leaping, launching, sliding, playing tightrope on top of curtain rods would make anyone wonder why one of us isn’t on drugs.
    He’s brilliant and amazing. He, truly, loves life!

    • Thanks Dee. The point I am making is that individual cats can be more active than other individual cats. But I don’t believe that we can say that a group of cats (breed of cat type) are more active than others. There are two many other variables and there is no scientific basis for stating that one breed more active than the next.

  3. I have always thought black cats are the most active – not that they are a breed as per this article. I have always heard that Abyssinians are very active but I don’t honestly know about this sort of thing.

    • Abyssinians are said to be active but to be honest it is more “marketing” than reality in my opinion. There are many other factors that control activity levels as discussed in the article.

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