Acute neglect at Malaysian cat shelter causes mass cat abuse

I have tried to find the name of this shelter in Kepong, Malaysia without success. There is an interesting newspaper report in the Rakyat Post about it. Kepong is near Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia.

Malaysian street cat
Malaysian street cat (sweet tortie). Photo by Lynn Chan.
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They report that a former employee of a cat shelter had quit her job and made a formal complaint to the local police about the chronic neglect of the cats at the shelter where she worked together with the stealing of donations for personal use. This seems to be about as bad as it gets in the world of animal shelters.

The brave lady reports cats eating other dead cats. Death was brought about the rampant spread of killer diseases made all the worse by putting healthy cats in overcrowded cages with sick cats. A hell hole in short. Another allegation that the lady makes is that cats were badly underfeed due to a lack of funding (but the money was being stolen). The amount of money available for feeding 200 cats was RM50 a day. That is $15.64 USD as at the date of this post. This is under a dime a day. The cats were starved.

Many customers of the shelter had also complained, apparently. They had complained their cats were sick with feline parvovirus. Read more about the contagious parvovirus.

In trying to defend herself the shelter owner made a counter complaint to the police about the whistle blowing employee claiming she was spreading false information.

What is the point of reporting this sort of story in the West? Well, it puts things into perspective for shelters in America and Europe. It also highlights the lack of sensitivity towards animals in Malaysia. My online research indicates a lack of will to introduce and enforce good animal welfare laws in Malaysia.

This attitude at the top underpins what has allegedly happened at this shelter. Without a genuine improvement in attitudes forced upon people through good animal protection laws which are actively enforced nothing will change and this sort of abuse will continue.

I believe there is a need for cat websites to explore the world of cats in places where there is a more pressing need to improve cat welfare. To constantly focus on the domestic cats living in the West and developed countries is not always the best way to improve cat welfare.

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  1. I don’t know if it’s better or worse to read about shelters where animal welfare is known to be disregarded, like in Malaysia, or to only have to imagine what is happening behind the scenes in my kill shelters where there is very little record keeping and the public is kept in the dark.
    They’re almost like a secret organization.
    I wish there was a public fund to pay whistle blowers.

    • For me it is obviously wrong for shelters not be fully accountable. They provide a public service and many cats’ lives are at stake. I don’t think they ever get as bad as this Malaysian shelter though.

      • How would anyone know that they aren’t as bad as Malaysia?
        No accountability or transparency.
        I find those shelters worse than Malaysia. At least Malaysia is upfront about uncaring, as opposed to the deception and pretense of caring, where animals are neglected and killed every day.

        I would rather someone be brutally honest than to lie to me.

  2. This is terrible, there must be countless cats suffering worldwide because of cruel people who put money above living creatures.

    • Yes, and it also reminds us that even if there are some bad things happening in the UK and the USA, it is generally much worse for the cat in parts of Asia. There a lot of work to do in Asia to improve cat caretaking.

    • Money Money Money Money

      🙁 🙁 🙁 I hate money

      The point is why the govt. let such people handle the rescue centers to those greedy bastards.

      I mean, is there any check and balance?
      No scrutiny at all??

      No Audit of finance received from the hard working people’s donations???

      Are these eastern govt.s DUMB A_ses

      What is this all about? I really break down 🙁 Look the kitten in the picture. Michael she is like my 50/50.
      For a second I shiver and just imagined that my 50/50 is hungry. HUNGER? for money???

      NA NA NA I would share my food if I could not afford due to poverty, but my 50/50 will not die if I am alive. 🙁

      Therefore without any system, I mean a proper system, I never accept any charity, donation, no way.

      First give me the system, I want to become the master of cats/ kittens. Give me the system my LORD ALLAH Subhanahu and then I will ask for aid, if necessary. Otherwise no way.

      I don’t like bluffs and lies.

      nup hate it all and become sick 🙁

        • My best friend died in an accident 2 months ago, 🙁 and I am coming from his dad’s and mom’s home with wife right in this time at 1:00 AM. We husband and wife often visit them so they don’t weep and become sad.

          Uncle asked my instantly with smile, HOW IS YOUR LAILA, my son???? I just hug him and said she is grooming, growing and well fed, clean and neat 🙂

          He said, You will be rewarded, he gave me Rs. 2,000 ($20)for LAILA which I refused and said,”She is fine, and I will ask myself if I need money.”

          He said any time my boy!

          Michael the boy (neighbor) who killed my kitten SAJID, have now one kitten at home. He is raising that kitten boy and I have visited his home. He asked me a lots of questions and I helped him about the welfare of that kitten. He is white with black shades, kitten is FERAL, I looked him carefully, he is okay. Tomorrow boy’s mom will buy every necessity for the kitten from market, they are rich.

          This is success MICHAEL! congrats.
          Therefore I never become rude to FERAL human beings. WIN this war with LOVE and welfare. 🙁
          This is my motive, patience is the key. They will be literate, will take some time, but they will be literate my friend. Allah help me 🙁

          • This is really good news, Ahsan. If this boy has changed his attitude towards cats that is a big step forward. Has he changed because of the things you said to him or because he has read your articles? If he can encourage one of his friends to like cats that would be excellent. I love to read about this sort of thing.

            • Not by article reading.

              He has a deep guilt in him and instead of kicking his A_s, I hugged him, kissed on his forehead and told/ recited him the saying of the holy prophet S.A.W.

              It took more than a month to change him but he is changed and so his mom, too. but Michael! … this change has a kitten’s dead body history which I bear in my soul 🙁

      • As far as I can tell, the government of Malaysia are unconcerned about animal welfare. They are more concerned with making money. There appears to be a need for a root and branch change in attitude towards animal welfare. It appears that this cat shelter was using the place as a money maker rather than as a genuine cat shelter. It is distressing because it means many other cats in the country are suffering in the same way.


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