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Acutely self-indulgent tattooed man imposes his attitudes on his Sphynx cat (video) — 3 Comments

  1. Selfish idiot tattoos a cat, he needs to have the cat taken off him, he does not deserve any animal in his care, what a vile stupid plonker. Name and shame this idiot…

  2. All my female cats have little heart tattoos that IDs them as spayed on their tummies. Beyond that or for ID it is animal abuse. I suppose breeders of hairless cats need to include a no decorative tattoo policy in their sales/adoption contracts.
    As a matter of general interest it takes a tattoo several weeks to heal and several months for some inks to lay down flat. Any ink can cause a severe allergic reaction. If your cat ever needs an MRI which is becoming more frequent if there is iron in the ink it will pull from the skin in some cases. While humans can choose the possible health risks of being tattooed for art cats have no such luxury nor do they need to express their inner emotions or self journeys. I have to assume a cat would need to either be forcibly restrained in some contraption or put under. The dangers of anesthesia in cats are well documented. Some people have no brains.

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