Addiction to Felines: Is this a Common Condition for Cat Lovers?

Addicted to cats
Addicted to cats
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Awhile ago I was accused of being addicted to cats so I ask you to bear with me while I am talking about it. I have a burning question to ask my fellow felinophiles to see if I am alone in my kitty “addiction.”

This situation began a few months ago while I was taking a long car ride with a friend who is a feline-only veterinarian. Since we have been friends for many years, I always enjoy her company and look forward to spending time with her.

But if I am to be perfectly honest, what I treasure the most about our time together is being privy to hearing about some of her most amazing cases. However, I totally realize that she may be “felined out”, and the last thing she wants to do is talk “shop” especially about her daily encounters with kitties, so I try to be sensitive and talk about anything but cats.

This said, even when we are not talking about cats, I gotta admit I am extremely tenacious, sneaky and skillful at bringing the subject back to her fascinating work with cats. I truly appreciate the patience she has shown and hasn’t yet growled or hissed at me.

But this particular afternoon as we were chatting while driving down the highway to our mutual destination, she turned to me and flat-out blurted that she was convinced that I am addicted to cats. She said I was addicted about talking about them, spending time with them, and what really hit me in the pit of my stomach is when she added “addicted to writing” about them. I mean, really, is it that hard to understand that writing about felines is what passionate cat bloggers do?

I must say that I was rather taken aback by her “accusation” and the word “addict” that she used to describe my feline-oriented fervor. Although she totally understands that “cat people” are at their happiest peak when they are bragging about their cats, swapping kitty stories and sharing health and behavioral ideas, it later dawned on me that this was her way of telling me that she was just “putting up” with my ramblings; giving me a little more than a subtle hint.

Now please don’t misunderstand or judge me about my reaction to her bestowing that moniker on me. My friend absolutely adores cats; that is why she is a feline-only practitioner. She also is owned by a clowder of contented kitties. But when she called me a cat “addict”, it left me feeling somewhat embarrassed and defensive.

You see, I am not positive that the word accurately describes my passion for felines. Since I don’t get to spend that much time with her, when I get the opportunity to be in close company with such a skillful and knowledgeable feline expert, even though she basically is a “captive audience”, the temptation to converse about cats is just too difficult to control. I mean, given that situation, who wouldn’t take delight in picking the brain of a feline-only veterinarian?

But since I am honestly baring my soul, I guess it’s time to also admit that I will talk ad nauseam to almost anyone who loves cats as much I as I do.

Who knows; it might be just that my denial is setting in, which we all know is a symptom of addiction. If this be true, this type of addiction works for me and for many other cat lovers in my circle of friends.

Hey, the worst thing that can happen is hooking up with a support group of like-minded people and bravely stand and introduce myself saying, “Hi! My name is Jo and I am a responsible cat addict”. I am sure I will soon hear a chorus of that friendly, “Hi Jo, Welcome!”

Purrhaps after all, getting honest with myself, and admitting that I have a feline addiction ain’t so bad. After all it has many wonderful benefits.

Can you identify with my addiction? Do tell us in a comment.


Photo Credit: Flickr User: Jombie9

57 thoughts on “Addiction to Felines: Is this a Common Condition for Cat Lovers?”

  1. Guilty!! I used to meet my friends every Monday morning in a cat chat and we gabbed all things cat. I have my own cats and watch over others. I have cat clothing, books, figurines and if you check the medicine chest you will find kitty meds. My computer is stuffed with cat videos, pictures and many other cat things. I even send out a “Smiles” page to my sister and daughter with cat pictures and videos. Sometimes cats are nicer than people. Yup I am addicted. Having said that…we keep our real cat companions to a strict number. It could get really out of control if you don’t commit to keeping only a certain number of cats in your ho. I am a foster home for kittens but thanks to all the education done in the area, there were no foster kittens to care for this year. 🙂 Jo, be proud to be addicted.

  2. You are right, Jo. So often I have had to throw my hair down over my shoulders, and said to Shrimp, “What, do I have to step on YOUR toes?” 😉

    • Mr. ‘Catmeister’ Furtado, I for one, cannot afford to go looking for groceries at the local new book store, but will find a copy. It is worth checking out! Thank You. 😉

  3. Of course I am addicted to cats and proud of it. You know if you go to the store and are in the pet section someone is bound to ask you what you have!!!! That is when the discussion takes place which could be any where from a couple minutes to half a hour depending on how many comparisons they have. What usually shocks them is when I explain I also have dogs and the first thing I hear is “Do they get along”.


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