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Addiction to Felines: Is this a Common Condition for Cat Lovers? — 57 Comments

  1. Guilty!! I used to meet my friends every Monday morning in a cat chat and we gabbed all things cat. I have my own cats and watch over others. I have cat clothing, books, figurines and if you check the medicine chest you will find kitty meds. My computer is stuffed with cat videos, pictures and many other cat things. I even send out a “Smiles” page to my sister and daughter with cat pictures and videos. Sometimes cats are nicer than people. Yup I am addicted. Having said that…we keep our real cat companions to a strict number. It could get really out of control if you don’t commit to keeping only a certain number of cats in your ho. I am a foster home for kittens but thanks to all the education done in the area, there were no foster kittens to care for this year. 🙂 Jo, be proud to be addicted.

  2. You are right, Jo. So often I have had to throw my hair down over my shoulders, and said to Shrimp, “What, do I have to step on YOUR toes?” 😉

    • Mr. ‘Catmeister’ Furtado, I for one, cannot afford to go looking for groceries at the local new book store, but will find a copy. It is worth checking out! Thank You. 😉

  3. Of course I am addicted to cats and proud of it. You know if you go to the store and are in the pet section someone is bound to ask you what you have!!!! That is when the discussion takes place which could be any where from a couple minutes to half a hour depending on how many comparisons they have. What usually shocks them is when I explain I also have dogs and the first thing I hear is “Do they get along”.

  4. My names Leah and I’m addicted to cats.
    For me its pretty much a life long addiction as well started with a Ginger Tom named Timmy when I was about 5.

    What gets me though is when you’re addicted to cats its like its a bad thing! If someone’s a petrol head or an antique collector its like its very acceptable but not when you love cats! Even if you love dogs it still seems more acceptable than loving cats 🙁 why is that I wonder?

    • Leah… so true!

      Cats still remain as second class “catizens” to dogs, mainly because they continue to be misunderstood. They are so different from dogs of course. I love dogs, but I ADORE AND VENERATE cats! Cats MUST be worshipped.

      If all people truly understood feline nature, loving them would be far more common, and folks who live with several cats wouldn’t be referred to as “crazy cat” people.

  5. Thanks Allia! I can hardly wait to read it. What a purrfect companion] to this heartfelt blog!

    I love the jacket! Too cool for words:) I guess you will be joining our ranks of kitty “addicted” folks! Welcome!

  6. Being “cat co-dependent” is the subject of my new book….WOMEN WHO STILL LOVE CATS TOO MUCH. I shall pass it along to you when it is pubbed which should be in the next couple of months for you and your readers to enjoy.

  7. Guilty!
    I think it all began in my mother’s womb when I could feel her holding something warm and purring in her lap and up against her belly.
    I had my first “hit” as an infant when he was placed in my crib.
    I’m certain that Mom put ground catnip in my bottle to enhance the experience.
    I “picked up” for myself for the first time when I was around 3 years old and it was the beginning of a lifelong addiction.
    No matter what anyone says about the first “hit” not ever getting better, it’s not true. The “high” just gets better and better.

    • lol I love that Dee ‘your mother put ground catnip in your bottle’
      How wonderful to have had cats in your life from being born, I’m so jealous.
      You are right though it does get better and better and I love cats so much that I could sometimes explode with that love, so maybe it’s just as well I had to wait to be an adult to have a cat as I most likely would have exploded a while ago.

    • Dee and Ruth!

      I definitely inherited the “Cat Addict” gene from my father. He was so INTO cats, but my mother hated them! So I was feline deprived until my first marriage when we were given a kitty (Nemesis) for a wedding gift. We adopted another kitty to keep him company. She was a black and white medium long hair, whose voice could charm anyone passing by. We named her Circe after the mythical “siren” who put spells on sailors.

      Shortly thereafter a friend took me to a cat show, and the rest is history! I was smitten!

        • Ruth, that is interesting, isn’t it? My mother growing up (and to this day) dislikes cats, and just barely tolerates them from my perspective. My dad, bless his heart, has for all of his life loved all animals. He worked eighty hour wks, when I was formative (I could hardly wait for him to get home and would wait by the front door -like a cat/dog- even when I was two. He would open the front door, scoop me up! grab his pipe off of the library table, light it and then take me directly to the loo so that he could pee. When he flushed, I am told, I once grabbed his pipe out of his mouth and threw it in. 😉
          He now, in his retirement from the grocery business, has even built squirrel landings in the trees in his garden. He and his beautiful wife have four cats and one small little FiFi, would rides in the sidecar attached to his Triumph? with the neighbor dogs, all wearing pink goggles and attached to the floorboard by bungee ties (which they don’t need-just precautionary). I have not talked to my parents in well over a year, even though we all live in the same town. <3

          • So often, I don’t say, “Thank you, Ruth.” You know that I mean it though, because you and I both, like so many here on PoC, don’t expect credit for what we do. But! You, Ruth, and Michael, do more than any other ‘Cats’ than I know. <3 😉

            • Thanks Caroline, I enjoy designing amusing posters for a change from the heavy stuff we all face when we care about animals.
              I only started doing them when I discovered PoC and Michael who gives us free range with anything to do with cats.
              Sometimes the images just come into my mind, like Jo confessing her sniffing addiction at a Cataholics meeting lol
              We all do what we can for cats, in different ways, which is the main thing.

              • Yes, well…maybe Jo needs to write about why she chose those over Moggies. I did, as well as you and M, years ago. [For me? when my Makita passed, maybe more than twenty. Kita> forgive me, kitten.

            • ‘Ruth, why don’t you f*king beat on those who pay to own a *breed* that they worship, instead of a mog’

              Yes Caroline you are right, cats are being killed every day in Shelters for lack of homes while some people are always breeding ‘special’ ones for money and prestige. It’s so wrong!

      • Jo, this is off-topic. Good, stimulating topic, by the way. [Thank you, as always!] My dad bought a little chocolate-pt Siamese kitten for his wife Annette, after her beloved member of the family died… Anyway, he was named Percy, short for you-know-what, and I have such a difficult time visiting, b/c the first thing that I want to do, even before acknowledging my dad’s and Annette’s existence, is to ask, “Where’s Percy?” 😉

        • Btw, Percy was crossing the STREET last time I stopped by, maybe two years ago; I was so p*ssed at him! (They are as well.)

          • My bad, Jo. The problem still exists. Your cats are as valuable as any moggie. Despite the money and torment that these breeds experience, due to “Standards.”

              • Caroline- I adopted both of these kitties. Were they “techically” rescues? I can’t say- since I adopted them from the breeder.

                But they were and continue to remain “Special Needs” kitties, and require extra care. They are now senior catizens and have issues pertaining to their age as well. They are the most wonderfully loving cats and I absolutely adore them.

              • Please forgive me for jumping to conclusions, Jo? I need to be more careful of my ignorant judgements. <3 I was in a dark place at the time I lashed out, although that is certainly no excuse. I am so sorry for lashing out…

              • Thanks, Caroline!

                Yes, for sure cats are cats! I was thrilled to be able to adopt them. They are the most amazing kitties- In fact, my veterinarian told me that if all her feline patients behaved like ours do, she would strongly consider becoming a feline practitioner!! LOL.

                She loves them so much, and they even like her.

        • Funny thing is, he never gave a hoot about my cats; he never even knew I had any. My first cat allowed into my life, by him, and me –no one else– approached me, after I had just dug approx. 500 dandelions in the backyard, after mowing. And he, my little lion, red tabby, was the most important individual who had entered my life, at age eleven. 🙂

  8. I would have taken the “low road” and just turned to her and taunted, “Yeah, well, it takes one to know one!”
    Even the most intellectual and philosophical conversations about other subjects, when conducted by a pair of cat lovers, will rapidly turn to thoughts, observations, and cooings about kitties. You know how they are. They insist on being the center of attention at all times. Even when they’re not there.

  9. Bravo! I don’t intend to join a twelve step group. Or hang my head. I’ll wear a badge of honor that says “I’m addicted to cats!”

  10. I don’t know about addicted to cats…I only have 6 (note the ONLY LOL) but I definitely prefer the company of the indepent feline to the dog who demands almost constant attention. The feline seems to know when we need their attention and gives it willingly, as they do to each other. I marvel that my younger cats are frequently seen grooming their 19 year old ‘brother’. So while not ‘addicted’ to cats, I can say I prefer their company to…well just about anything else, most of the time, even humans, except those on the other side of the computer screen 🙂

  11. Ruth,

    I wear the badge proudly! Might even get a T-shirt!
    Cats are just the most amazing animals, and can teach us so much about OURSELVES! I will keep this addiction for many, many years! There ain’t no cure, which is wonderful!

  12. I am the same – I’d be happy to talk to people all day about cats.

    I agree with you Michael it’s more a way of life like eating breakfast 🙂

  13. Well I’m addicted to cats and I’m not in the least bit ashamed to say so, in fact I’m proud of my addiction and if anyone doesn’t like it, then tough!
    Hold your head high Jo and be proud of your addiction too!

  14. You are not alone! If I had been in your shoes and in a car with a cat-only veterinarian I would certainly be asking questions trying to get inside the head of the veterinarian. A person with that kind of experience and day-to-day contact with a whole range of cats has a lot to tell.

    I don’t think it’s an addiction. It’s more a way of life. It’s like eating breakfast. It’s good to have a focus on a subject that is interesting to you. It keeps the mind active and working, which is particularly important when one is no longer young.

    We have talked a bit about this sort of thing and it’s more than enjoying discussing the domestic cat or indeed the wild cat species, it’s about discussing people’s relationship with animals and therefore it is also discussing the behaviour of people and the philosophy behind people’s actions and thoughts.

    Also, most people who like or love cats also like or love animals in general. They may have a preference for the domestic cat but their sympathy and empathy for the cat goes much wider to animals in general. That, I think, is the interest and the passion.

    When we discuss cats we are really discussing ourselves and our relationship with cats and animals in general.

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