Adopt a rescue Persian cat in Florida and everything is paid for, for life!

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to adopt a Persian purebred cat from the Humane Society of Tampa Bay and receive all the expenses of cat caregiving fully paid for during the remainder of the cat’s life! True but unusual. Almost unique. The reason? The lady who owned these 7 cats, Nancy Sauer, has died and she provided for the cats handsomely in her will. Four six months they stayed in her large detached, $2.5 million home but a judge decreed that they should be adopted and rehomed. The Humane Society is organising it.

One of the cats
One of the cats. Screenshot.
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There are seven Persians up for adoption and each one will be supported by the legacy left to the Humane Society of $300,000.

There have been around 100 applications. The white Persian, Snowball, has been adopted! As I said this is a unique opportunity for a person who’s ideally qualified to care for a domestic cat particularly the long haired, flat-faced Persian but who does not find themselves in a financial position to adopt. But they can forget about the financial side. It will all be free.

The adopter has to provide receipts for cat caregiving and the amounts spent will be reimbursed subject to the expenditure being acceptable. I foresee that there may be some complications or disputes there. But provided the caregiver is sensible all be hunky-dory.

They’ve probably all been snaffled up by now but it will be worth contacting the Humane Society of Tampa Bay to see if some are them are still available.

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