“Adopt don’t shop” says popular Instagram artist

Meghan and Faber
Meghan and Faber. Photo by Erik Peterson.
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Meghan Mahoney is a comic artist who has over 20,000 Instagram followers so she’s popular. It takes quite a lot of effort, talent and skill to achieve that many followers and her artwork is good. It is very subtly comic with a story to tell and she gets lots of her ideas from the cat that she adopted from a rescue centre, Faber.

She says that she wanted to adopt a cat for emotional support. I’m not sure what kind of mental health issues she has but it may be anxiety and depression which are very, very typical in the modern world. She decided to adopt a cat from a shelter and she also, tellingly, decided to adopt a cat that was less likely to be adopted. She wanted to adopt an unpopular rescue cat and came across a tuxedo-type cat who she named Faber.

She says that it was love at first sight. She was immediately drawn to him because Faber began purring immediately they met. It looks like the cat chose the woman which is the way to choose a cat.

Another less than popular aspects of Faber was that he was six years old at the time. Yes, black-and-white cats are not the most popular at shelters. And I am so pleased that she decided to adopt a cat that was less likely to be adopted. This shows a great generosity of spirit and a caring attitude. Of course she probably realised that when you adopt such a cat there is a greater reward as you are doing something particularly good.

And it is certainly a two-way street between her and Faber. As you can see from her artwork a lot of it centres around her cat. She decided to adopt a second cat who she named Maple. And to add to the happy family, her boyfriend, Erik Peterson, was accepted by Faber. Apparently Faber took an instant liking to him. He therefore passed the Faber test.

There’s no doubt the Meghan cares. She says that it is heartbreaking for her to think about the cats that will not be adopted which brings us to the “adopt, don’t shop” phrase used by her and in the title to this article.

“If you give a loving home to an animal, they’re going to reciprocate.”

I sense that Meghan has found a very nice balance in her life despite her anxiety. We know how cat companions can ease anxiety. She is doing well so maybe that will help a little bit to make her feel calmer. She is currently a full-time college student, by the way.

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