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Adopted cat returned to shelter after three months because she “jumped on things” — 19 Comments

  1. Well, I’m not the only one who walks around, sometimes, with my mouth open and my mind confused after being told by folks why they relinquished their cat. I’m equally dumbfounded by people who tell me that they punish their cats. One of my neighbors tossed an 8 month indoor kitten outside for defecating outside the box “because he needed to learn a lesson”. They didn’t attempt (and really didn’t know of) any interventions. Now, poor little Ricky is out of sight and out of mind. Guess who his caretaker has become now? I don’t even know how to talk with people like that.
    I wish prospective adopters were better screened and scrutinized as to what their expectations are for any cat.
    No cat should ever have to suffer or be homeless just for being a cat.

    • My SIL does this on a regular basis. Cats and dogs they once tossed a hamster out the door. pet rabbits dumped from their cages and goats running loose because they don’t want to feed them. NM has a lawmaker tying to get a bill started that would make abandoning any animal a felony.
      One of the kits put a slit in a really expensive lampshade this week. Longsufferingsigh I turned it to the wall and will replace it when they’re older.

  2. We had a dog get adopted on a Saturday morning and returned on Monday because it followed the woman in the house when she left rooms. Stupid prople.

  3. PEE-POLES MAKE MY BRAIN HURT! Obviously, they shouldn’t even reproduce because children have the EXACT same issues as pets! Only difference is children finally outgrow the need for diapers (litter boxes) and eventually use the toilet.

  4. 1. Ate my wife’s flowers
    2. Just had a baby (preggars when they adopted the cat)
    3. Cat jumps on things & when she jumps down she makes too much noise
    4. Cat runs thru apartment at 3 a.m. making noise disturbing the neighbors
    5. Cat box smells
    6. Too much responsibility
    7. Evicted so just left the cats behind with no food or water
    8. Cat needs to go to the Vet
    9. Moving & new place doesn’t allow pets
    10. New significant other is allergic
    11. Got a new dog. The dog doesn’t like the cat.
    12. And the worst one yet. My husband left me, just had twins & I can’t handle it all. After taking the cats find out the twins are 7.

  5. I have no idea if it’s insane but my Little Mercy was returned at 4 months old because she was aggressive, anti social and bit. She is none of those things and my treasured little flower.

      • Thank you. In this case I had the rare opportunity to speak to the animal warden and during the adoption process the woman at the next desk had done the actual intake. So everything was fresh in their minds. She was at the shelter less than 24 hours between being dumped by the original adopters and me taking her home. In over a year she had never once exhibited the behaviors listed in our home although she was slightly combative with the shelter worker who took her out of the cage.
        As to the OP cats not only jump on things they must jump on things.

  6. I don’t even know what to say. I do applaud you Elisa for bringing this to light. Ownwers like this need to stick with beanie babies of every species. Never a pet. It just enraged me. How STUPID

  7. What about fur on the furniture and your clothes??? Often cited reason.

    That’s why I like cats better than people…when treated right and understood, they can, on their terms, give you more unconditional love than fickle humans.

    And think of it.,.do you ALWAYS come right away when your boss calls?

  8. Yes. Some people actually do need “Stupid” tattooed on their forehead, but there just aren’t enough parlors to do it. There’s too many out there. Even otherwise smart people and be completely mentally bankrupt when it comes to cats.

      • We need to vet people who want to adopt. I guess it is impossible to check them all to the point where rescues are certain they are suitable. But this person really was the wrong type to adopt a cat.

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