Adopted dog finds a box of abandoned kittens near the mountain of Immitos and decides to be their caregiver

Not all dogs are willing to take responsibility for a litter of kittens he found while on a walk near the mountain of Immitos. In this oasis of beauty that is Athens, Greece a cruel person abandoned a box of kittens.

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It’s not uncommon for kittens to be abandoned in Greece. Second Chance Animal Rescue Society-Greece has rescued more than 25, all abandoned in the same way. Kittens, puppies, bunnies and even birds often become the dinner of the hungry foxes who are the most common predator on the mountains.

One day Aragon, an adopted dog who lives with his SCARS volunteer mom near the mountain of Immitos, found the kittens while on a walk. She was actually there to make a video on the huge number of animals abandoned there when Aragon started pulling her and a friend toward the box of kittens.

Aragon was their rescuer and has been an excellent foster dad as the kittens grew up. Now the kittens are ready for their forever homes now. If you’re in the Athens, Greece area and wish to adopt them, please email SCARS or message the charity’s Facebook page.

Good job, Aragon! Your video is adorable.


Photos used with this article were screenshotted from the YouTube video.

3 thoughts on “Adopted dog finds a box of abandoned kittens near the mountain of Immitos and decides to be their caregiver”

  1. The kittens look adorable. How can somebody throw them away like this? It just seems so callous and for me it would be completely impossible. It is amazing how good some dogs are as foster carers of kittens. We have seen this before and the right sort of dog can do a wonderful job.


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