Adopted Tennessee cat called a heroine after she killed a poisonous snake inside the home of her elderly owner

An adopted Claiborne County, Tennessee cat is being called a heroine this week after she killed a poisonous snake inside the home of her new elderly owner.

cat killed snake
Shelly and the copperhead she killed (Teresa Seals)
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Teresa Seals posted the story of Shelly, who was adopted from the Claiborne County Animal Shelter, on her Facebook wall Monday

“This is Shelly a rescue cat from Claiborne county Animal Shelter. My dad wanted an inside cat for championship. I helped him search the Claiborne county Animal Shelter web site and he immediately chose Shelly. I called and she was available.

When I met her, I knew she was the one. Dad said on Tuesday in the middle of the night, he heard the cat. He thought perhaps it was her getting a mouse. Keep in mind. In all the years of my parents living, has never found a snake in the 50 plus years living there. So, he went back to sleep.

Claiborne map

Thursday, we received a call from dad’s sitter who said “There’s a snake under the table, I think it’s dead we can’t find the cat.” I left work, picked up my husband, and met the sitter and dad on the front porch. My husband went in and the snake was dead (copper head).

My husband noticed the snake was kinda stiff so it had been dead a day or two. The cat came out with no injuries. However, the snake had what appeared claw marks on its head and neck. So, the cat apparently killed the snake and brought it out to show dad his prize. now, Shelly is a true hero.”

cat kills snake
Shelly is a heroine (Teresa Seals)

It’s awesome to think of Teresa choosing Shelly over all of the other cats at the shelter. I imagine this cat will be treated like royalty for the rest of her life for this heroic act. Shelly and her elderly owner are both fortunate not to have been bitten by the copperhead.

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