Adopting an adult cat compared to a kitten

Adopting a kitten or a cat?

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The advantages of adopting an adult cat are listed below together with the pluses and minuses of adopting kittens and adult cats. I think that you will find that there are slightly more pluses/positives for the adult cat compared to the kitten but I leave it to individual visitors to decide for themselves. If you can think any other pluses/minuses, I’d like to hear from you. Thank you!

KittenAdult Cat
For – cuteness factorCute, really cute.
For – fun factorKittens are “smile magnets”. You will get lots of fun just watching.
For – motheringYou can express your mother/father motives and desires.
For – shaping the cat’s character/personalityA good cat caretaker can, through, excellent caretaking, shape, to a certain extent, the kitten’s development to adulthood. This is satisfying. And when adopting a cat/kitten it is good to think long term – the life of the cat.The relationship that starts with a kitten is longer than if you start with an adult cat.
For – you know the character of the catYou know what you are getting. The cat’s character is formed.  You’ll get an understanding of: temperament, confidence, activity levels, vocality etc..confidence versus timidity.However, an adopter at a shelter should take into account the environment where the cat is. An adult cat at a shelter might be nervous or anxious and unable to display his true character because of the surroundings and his past. It is important to bear this in mind.Timid shelter cats might flourish at a nice, cat-friendly home and begin to display her true personality.Adopters should remember that a cat at a shelter may be there because the previous owner failed as a cat caretaker. Damaged cause can quite possibly be repaired with calm, TLC and good cat caretaking.
For – Saving livesKittens are popular at shelters. Adult cats are less popular. They are more likely to be euthanised at the shelter. Adopting him might well save his life.
For – expenseAdult cats are less expensive. Think about vaccinations. Some adult cats do not need any vaccinations because they are on boosters and boosters are not needed at a certain age and in certain places. Ask you vet (firmly). There may be a need to spay or neuter a kitten. Adult cats are almost always neutered or spayed already.
Against – getting rid of dangersYou’ll have to make your home “kitten proof”. This means checking for electrical cords, dangerous cleaning materials, stuff that can poison a cat because kittens are more liable to get into trouble.This aspect of kitten/cat caretaking can be influenced by what the caretaker does at home. Is she or he doing things that present a hazard to a kitten? Perhaps the caretaker works at home with materials that might hurt a kitten.As for kittens less of a risk.
Against – monitoring/supervisionIdeally, a kitten caretaker should know where her kitten is at all times, such is the potential danger to the kitten due to their rumbustiousness. Kittens require more supervision that adult cats. Does the adopter have the time and inclination?An adult cat requires much less supervision.
Against – kittens and kidsWhere there is one or several children in the family, a kitten is exposed to injury from inappropriate handling and interactions with the children. Kittens are small and fragile.

They are easily harmed by boisterous, unaware kids.Kittens get underfoot and into some potentially dangerous places. For example, if the cat caretaker is unsteady on his feet he could harm a kitten on the floor.Reclining chairs are a particular hazard to young cats who crawl into spaces underneath the chair, amongst the mechanism, where they can crushed when the chair is reclined.

An adult cat can he harmed by a child too but it is less likely because they are larger and better able to respond and defend themselves. An adult cat can be harmed by a recliner but it less likely because of the cat’s size. The spaces are too small.

Note: the cats in the photo are all pedigree, purebred Maine Coon cats of quality.

3 thoughts on “Adopting an adult cat compared to a kitten”

  1. Kittens are adorable but they are hard work. Our Walter was the kitten from hell lol really hyperactive, I remember. Then along came Jozef and they amused each other, it is better to take two kittens together and that means one less homeless too.
    Yes adult cats are definitely easier and there are so many needing homes as well.
    But kittens or adult cats, I just love them all 🙂

  2. During my tour of Phnom Penh came across this lady on the street with a kitten tied to her body and a package of clothes. Was she a homeless lady with a pet ? It was amazing to see this lady with her pet cat and a load of luggage.I observed her roaming around the street near my hotel.Could also be a source of tourist attraction.


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