Adorable Baby Yoda rescue cat who sticks out her tongue is the next big celeb

Baby Yoda rescue cat to become a celeb
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Baby Yoda rescue cat to become a celeb. Photo: Jana Aviles.

She has all the attributes to make her the next cat celebrity (although the market is crowded and competitive). She has ‘helicopter ears’ which resemble those of Baby Yoda in Star Wars. She is small for an adult cat at around 6.5 pounds. She regularly sticks her tongue out which is reminiscent of Lil Bub who recently passed. Apparently this is because she is missing her incisor teeth. And she has a cute personality. It is better than cute. She is very trusting, likes to be cuddled and likes to interact with people.

We carry her around in our hoodies like a baby kangaroo, and she just falls asleep – Shelby Beers, vet tech.

In the picture below she almost resembles a dog.

Baby Yoda rescue cat to be a celeb

Baby Yoda rescue cat to be a celeb. Photo: Jana Aviles.

She was brought to the Cabarrus Animal Hospital in North Carolina, USA, where she captured the hearts of the staff. They think that she is about a year old. When she was brought in she suffered from an upper respiratory infection (cat cold) and a neck wound.

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I don’t know what the plans are for her adoption. I’ll guess and say that one of the staff will adopt her. I have quite a strong feeling that she’ll hit the celebrity circuit in short order. She has all the makings of a cat celeb on Instagram and Facebook. I can see the dollars rolling in already.

Celebrity cats can make a lot of money for their owners. It can be in the millions. Someone is bound to latch onto that prospect. She’ll be snapped up.

Her ears remind me of a poorly bred Oriental Shorthair purebred cat. But she is not a purebred cat nor an Oriental Shorthair. Her appearance is one of those rare acts of nature, a God given thing.


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