Adorable kitten in pet store climbs out of glass cubicle to join puppy next-door (video)

Update: I have bumped this page up to today 19th Feb 2019 as it is so cute. It was first published on PoC on Jan 29th 2016.

Please watch this. It is a cracker. I’ll make you smile in admiration at the determination of this gorgeous kitten as he struggles up a glass enclosure and grapples with the great difficulty of navigating his way into the next-door cubicle where the puppy helps him in! The puppy was ecstatic at his new friend’s presence in his glass cage. I hope they were adopted together! They are made for each other.

This video may, in due course, be pulled by YouTube from their website and if so it will go blank here. Just a warning.

Pet store kitten climbs out of cubicle to meet puppy

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6 thoughts on “Adorable kitten in pet store climbs out of glass cubicle to join puppy next-door (video)”

    • I agree with what you say, Chris. It is a point worth making. Thanks. I may amend the article to add your comment in.

      • Michael, are you still active with your website here? I’ve been occupied elsewhere, but am trying to get back into reality. I still have an active Facebook group, (All About Cats), and am trying to participate more often. My son, Lance, passed away on October 16, 2018. The cats and I miss him very much. You can email me at, and I’ll answer immediately
        (most times.)

  1. They are both so sweet. It would be great if they could be adopted together. I wish that I could adopt them both!


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