Adorable synchronised walk from cats with ataxia

Pablo and Bones suffer from ataxia due to cerebellar hypoplasia
Pablo and Bones suffer from ataxia due to cerebellar hypoplasia
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These cats are adorable and they are best mates and great cat companions. They both have to deal with the challenge of ataxia – poor coordination due to cerebellar hypoplasia. The condition is stable and does not deteriorate. It is a congenital condition. The brain’s cerebellum – the coordination centre of the brain – fails to develop properly.

I don’t know the background of these cats. However, feline cerebellar hypoplasia may be caused by neonatal feline panleukopenia (aka feline distemper), a virus. This virus can be transmitted to unborn kittens and to kittens soon after birth. It can kill kittens but those that recover may suffer from a form of brain damage called cerebella hypoplasia.

They are very lovable and I want to give them a cuddle. Their names are Pablo (the ginger one) and Bones (he’s grey). They have their own Instagram account from which the video on this page comes.


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