Adult cat performs exaggerated defensive stance in play with a kitten’s exuberance

Domestic cat performs elaborate defensive stance for no apparent reason
Domestic cat performs elaborate defensive stance for no apparent reason. Screenshot.
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Most of us have seen it: kittens performing a defensive stance as if confronted by a hostile, strange cat who is aggressive towards them. The kitten turns sideways and their hair bristles to make them look bigger. They do the crab walk. Sometimes kittens dance and hop around the floor while taking up this exaggerated stance. It seems like fun and it is practice in case they need to do it for real. But you don’t see adult cats doing this unless it is for real and, further, you don’t see them taking up such a peculiar stance as we see in the video. I put it down to simple individualism combined with a kitten’s mentality. This adult cat is behaving like her younger self.

Why do cats do the crab walk?


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This adult cat has retained kitten-like characteristics which is not a usual because humans keep their adult cats in this mental state because they care for them as surrogate moms. These are exaggerated movements; the kind of behavior that we see in kittens. The crux of the matter is that this is normal behavior even though some folks describe it as very odd.

All domestic cat behavior, even the most peculiar, can be explained with reference to basic principles. ‘Strange cat behavior’ is not strange when explained.

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