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Advantage Cat Flea Treatment better than Frontline? — 25 Comments

  1. Not really the cost really more that Frontline is for cats between say (for example) 2.5 – 4 kilos and there’s another for over 4 Kilos. This means for me that I have to buy 2 packs to get the right weights because I have one cat over 4 kilos, 1 cat around 3.5 kilos and the other 2 are around 4…. Advantage is for all cats over say 2.5 kilos and it has 4 doses and I have 4 cats so for me thats ideal!

  2. Advantage simply because the weight of cat you can use it for are more suitable for my cats due to the vast ranges in Kilos. Also I think there are 4 pipets of Advantage and only 3 in Front line

  3. Stupefaction has set in.

    A monthly dose of Advantage costs $14.25 when bought at our pet supply store or vet clinic. This frontier town’s most highly qualified vet discontinued its use several years ago, and one local feed store will sell it only if the parent brings his kids to their place of business and has the staff apply it. Several other vets in the area still sell Advantage, however.

    It’s obviously a systemic toxin, and any substance that warns the user to wash his hands after use has to be deleterious, to some extent, to a cat or dog. It would be great if d.e. were effective. Maybe it is, though the world is rife w/folk remedies. I’ve used Advantage for a few years, and it is effective, with barely noticeable side effects. Ethel was quiet and still for several days after its application – but Sidney Vicious shows no signs that he’s damaged by this substance.

    He weighed six and a half lbs. when he first tapped on my door a year ago, and now tips the scale at nearly ten pounds – which means ‘Squeaky-Buddy’s’ (whatever it’s called) Advantage will cost about $3.00 per application – a staggering savings. My only qualm: if you cross the border into Canada, you can buy prescription drugs for a fraction of their price in the U.S., but their origin can be nebulous: are they mfg.’d in China or some other country where quality control may be less reliable?

    The ‘Squeaky-Buddy’ lady was very pleasant, and said she’s mailing a ‘kit’ today, which I can pay for after receipt. I was amazed by her rust in a caller out of the blue, but she said that was fine. No shipping cost, either. A VERY substantial savings. Now if only it were possible to find a vermifuge tablet (tapeworm) at an equal savings, as the ones for sale out here cost @$22.00 for three pills.

    Would I keep Sid-Man if there were a way to cut in half his $70.00/mo. food bill? Yes – if good quality canned cat food could be obtained at a bargain price — which is too much to hope for.

    Final perk: I told her that I had an entrenched aversion for the Net, and hadn’t a clue how to use PayPal, and surely she didn’t accept checks by snail-mail? She said it was perfectly fine to send a check.

    Had a great conversation w/her – and thanks for providing her website!

  4. The first of the newer flea products I can remember using in the early 1990’s was called Program. It wasn’t a very fast, effective product because it only broke the life cycle at the egg stage and didn’t kill adult fleas. I still needed to use additional products.

    Within a short time, Advantage came out. I began using that around 1995 and still use it today. I’ve never had any problem with it and it has stayed very effective. It’s, also, more affordable than Frontline and the other newer products. In my climate, it has to be used year round.

    I’ve never used Frontline or any other and don’t feel the need to.

  5. My favorite Veterinarian once told me how much it bothered him to sell ANY of those products, as he felt (and had seen) they were just too incredibly toxic for kitties.

    He claimed he suspected these concentrated “flea treatment” products in about 90% of the unexplained deaths and serious illness he would come across.

    His suggestion to me was good dusting of kitty and bedding with DIATOMACEOUS EARTH. It has the added benefit of also helping eradicate internal parasites.

    A twelve pound bag of “Swimming Pool Filter Material” currently sells for $16.99 USD on Ebay.com, with free shipping.


    Kitty can lick all the diatomaceous earth they want off their fur without harm, whereas Frontline, Advantage and the like will simply poison kitty and kill.

  6. Whenever I’ve had to use a flea product, Advantage has worked great for me. I rarely have to use anything because of my cats being indoor only. The only time I’ve had to use them was when I brought a new rescue in, or if we bring them in from outside ourselves. But I have always sworn by Advantage.

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