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Advertiser Colony

Advertiser Colony

by Brenda Morvant
(Lafayette, LA)


I have raised money to get a large colony TNR'd in Lafayette, LA. Through the Wild Cat Foundation LA, we have Spayed/neutered 31 as of today. We are socializing some of the kittens from the colony and finding them homes. So far we have found homes for 4. We have encountered some problems, like a neighborhood behind us were bothered by the cats and one confronted us one night during trapping, it started out a little hostile but at the end the neighbor said he did not want them dead and it has been much calmer. I think we got through to him, I hope so anyway.

We also found 2, two week old kittens that had to be bottle fed, that was a week ago and they are doing great because of a wonderful foster mom who is so dedicated. This is one of those experiences that I will remember for the rest of my life. It has been trying to say the least but we are getting to the end and the hard work is paying off.

I think more people need to be educated on TNR, and getting there animals spayed/neutered so that they won't cause other people the problems. This was an area where the Wild Cat Foundation tried for three years before I came along to be able to TNR on the property with no success, but they did not give up. The TNR started on September 2, 2009 and here we are September 27, 2009 and we are almost done.


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Oct 01, 2009 great job
by: kathy

We have a spay and stay program in our area. I used it to fix a female cat that had 4 kittens. But we fell in love with her because she is exactly like our old cat Midnight. She is perfectly happy staying inside. The spay and stay program has meetings for the caretakers. They have a newsletter.

Sep 28, 2009 Three Things for me
by: Michael

Great job Brenda and a great picture. And yes I agree that more people should be involved in TNR (after all people created the problem) and probably more importantly more people should be educated in neutering their cats or even better than that not to have cats at all unless they are firmly committed to the care of the cat for the lifetime of the cat with no qualifications.

For me, even abandonment through job loss and financial difficulties is out because a lot of these people still drive big cars and eat out and so on. They are never that broke. And they don't abandon their children and for me we should treat our cats with the same respect as we treat our children (of course some people treat their children badly too!).

OK, I am a cat/animal lover etc but even looking at the feral cat "problem" objectively people need to take greater responsibility and have a greater respect for other animals particularly companion animals.

Sep 27, 2009 Great Job
by: Deb

Just wanted to say great job Brenda. We have the same issues up here in the greater Boston area. We all have to keep on trying to help these poor cats...

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