African Lion Safari Ontario

This is a Google map of African Lion Safari Ontario or more accurately, African Lion Safari, a safari park situated in Flamborough, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. I believe the exact address is 1386 Cooper Rd, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. The website is: (new window) – link broken May 2012.

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Here is the map of the area plus some videos and photographs (click on the blue flags) taken from inside the African Lion Safari Ontario:


So what is it like? Well it seems to be pretty famous. I thought I would present the park in a different way using Google My Maps as it may assist in getting to know exactly where it is and what is there (see some of the videos and still photos by clicking on the blue flags).

Here are some still photos of cats but the park has lots more species.

African Lion Safari park Ontario Canada

Two useful tags. Click either to see the articles:- Toxic to cats | Dangers to cats

Cats at African Lion Safari park Ontario. The park though has  more than 1,000 animals, representing over 130 species of mammals and birds from across the globe. Photo from top clockwise: ~Sage~, Gary Simmons, vasta.

One very impressive statistic about this wildlife park is that it has been going for 40 years and it is still in private hands. However, I am sure that they would agree that it is preferable to work more on preserving the wild animals in the wild, in their own environment. Despite the best efforts of many good people not enough is being done in that regard due to the overbearing nature of big business and corrupt and/or disinterested politians.

Directions to the place from nearby Hamilton are as follows – this follows the blue line on the map above:

Hamilton, ON, Canada
1Head northwest on King St W toward Macnab St1.8 km
2Take the ON-403 ramp to Toronto0.7 km
3Merge onto King’s Hwy 4032.8 km
4Take the ON-6 exit on the left toward Guelph0.5 km
5Merge onto King’s Hwy 62.7 km
6Turn left at 5 Hwy W12.6 km
7Slight right at King’s Hwy 810.3 km
8Turn right at Cooper Rd2.0 km
1386 Cooper Rd, Hamilton, ON, Canada

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