African Main Coon

African Main Coon

by Lilbridge
(Miami, Florida)



Hello, my name is Lilbridge and I am the owner of four Main Coons. But I will only talk about one of them for right now; her name is Symmetria Okoye-Keymah Macho ya Kijani, or Symmi, and she is two years old. Symmi is the P.R. feline of my cats because she is the only one who greets everyone who comes through my door. Smelling everyone's shoes is how she relates with you. If the smell is peculiar to her, then she will slap and hiss at them and that person can never touch her. Now, if she likes the scent of some ones shoes, then I would have to pry her off the persons leg because she immediately grips on. Her African name was given to her by an African spirit that I associate with.

Admin: Nice story and a lovely looking cat - thank you Lilbridge for sharing.

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African Main Coon

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Jan 08, 2010 Allright SYMMI!!!!!
by: LULU

I knew this cat when she still had an umbilical cord and she has quite the personality!! She's a little person in a cat body and she and her mom(lilbridge) have got quite a bond. She fed her with a medicine dropper and allowed symmi to suckle on her shirt when she wanted to go to sleep, which she still does from time to time. It just goes to show you a mom is someone who loves you, cares for you and guides you as you grow. She nurses you when you're sick and protects you at all cost. I think you did a great job because look at her now, would you believe she was once small enough to curl up in her mom's busom and not be seen under her shirt. well this is just my little comment about Symmi and there's so much more to tell, I can't wait until she post the others since they each have their little story.

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