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African Serval Cat Serena — 4 Comments

  1. These photos are simply stunning, Michael!

    You managed to capture even the spots on the back of the her ears in every photo, even when backlighted in the second shot. Amazing. That long neck, those legs, so elegant!
    How high do you suppose she can jump on those long legs? I don’t know how you did it, a cameraman isn’t normally graceful when staring a bit apprehensively behind a lens of a camera, but I must say, you both deserve a treat! 🙂

    • Thanks Carline. Serena was a nice serval. She was actually quite shy. She went into her den for a while and I waited quite a long time. She finally came out and walked around very close to me. To be honest she was not that interested in me. I was just a bit of a nuisance to her 😉 Servals are larger than people think.

        • Yes, I think that is about right. The serval does vary in size. Morpheus was very big but Serena was smaller.

          Morpheus was up to the pocket of my trousers and I’m 6 foot tall.

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