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African wild cat dives 30 feet out of tree followed by chasing Caracal — 3 Comments

  1. Yes I’m learning first hand that cats can and do prey on each other. My neighbor has a Bengal who goes toward my cats without hesitation. She is on leash and obeys when restrained, but isn’t dissuaded from lunging repeatedly. She does the low crouch, the wiggle butt, the dilated pupils, the whole thing. My cats? They don’t hesitate to run, of course. They are separated by our street. Mine were curious about “TigerLily” at first, but after being chased once and my cautioning them not to engage, they stay clear. I asked about the name and pointed out that tigers have stripes, not spots, but they paid $2,000 for her so… For a family that wasn’t die-hard cat fans, it was an interesting purchase.

    • Perhaps people who are not cat fans are more prone to adopting (purchasing) an attractive ‘object’ such as the Bengal cat. True fans are less concerned with appearance. Bengal cat behavior can be tricky. There is a potential issue there. I had this weird notion that wild cats don’t prey on each other in the interests of preserving the family of cats. A survival thing.

      • This Bengal is young and inexperienced. My cats don’t look like her (no spots) so she may think they are fair game; but I think she’s primarily just curious.

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