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After four tumultuous marriages she prefers animals — 36 Comments

  1. When it came to making a choice, the cats stayed and the husband left. There were a few other factors (e.g. the other woman), but essentially the cats were way more congenial company than any of my boyfriends. While I’m not anti-man (I’m rather fond of them in small doses 😉 ), I don’t want a live-in partner. Cats don’t judge you, they don’t backstab and they don’t try to control you with comments about your supposed deficiencies and, having failed to manipulate you, leave. I’m sure there are some great men out there, but these days I’d rather come home to creatures who appreciate me for who I am and not for what they want me to become.

    • Amen. Or stand over me, telling me what to do.
      Pretty funny though, my recent experience with Ms. Cat. She was unhappy with the state of the litter box, and she was definitely telling me what to do, in a very creative way. But, she was not judging me. 😉

          • I was more interested in the way you were communicating with such clarity with Ms Cat. I could sense there was a clear channel of communication. A sure sign of a cat lady and her cat.

            • Okay, I won’t wait for you to ask. Ms. Cat started off yeowling at me, while I was at the computer. And, then in the “computer room”, some feces appeared. I didn’t see her do that. But then, I watched her, and she got into “pee posture”. Hmmm… I thought. And then I caught her peeing on a bag of mine. Aha! “This has something to do with the litter box”, I thought. She has never ever indulged in this kind of “direct messaging” before, but I knew enough to figure out what she was telling me. Took me a bit too long to figure out the message, but I must say I am very proud of Ms. Cat’s ability to communicate. Of course I fixed the litter box issue, once I twigged. And that was that.

    • I think you have pretty well summed it all up in one paragraph. I hate to say it but cats are better companions although I’d like to have a conversation other than about food and opening the door.

  2. Too funny, or sad, depending on how you want to view it.

    Guess who was the common-denominator in all those failed relationships?

    This is why all men see any woman with more than 1 cat (or sometimes just 1 as a warning flag) as damaged relationship material from the very start and won’t have anything to do with them once they find out they have cats as surrogate children. So the emotionally and mentally crippled woman just blames men for her being unwanted even more and more. She is incapable of relating to humans in a healthy manner. Never realizing that the problem was her all along. Deranged Cat-Lady: Enter, stage-center.

    Men subconsciously choose mates the same way any animal chooses a partner, on their health and ability to sire healthy offspring to ensure the survival of his genetics — whether he wants children or not, this selection method is hardwired into the DNA of every living thing. A woman who has cats for children shows a man that she is already incapable of being a responsible parent and incapable of having the social-skills needed for the healthy survival of his offspring, and might even be barren.

    Woman + cat = universal warning-flag, avoid at all costs for a relationship.

    • Guess who was the common-denominator in all those failed relationships?

      Please support that statement. Do some research on the marriage record of the men she divorced and their behavior and if it supports what you imply I’ll believe you. In the meantime what you state does not carry any weight.

      A lot of extremely successfully married women have cats and husbands who like cats too. They may have a dog too. Once again you are writing rubbish.

            • To be honest Dee, I think he is a just a troll. He enjoys trying to wind people up. Very sad, useless life. He probably lives with his mum even though he is 45 years of age and is terrified of her. She probably has a cat, who also frightens him 😉

        • What a sick mind Woody must have and nothing else to do but search for articles on which he can air his ‘knowledge’ and vent his hatred of cats and cat lovers and now women.
          I think he hates the whole human race, himself included.
          He is a pathetic laughing stock if he did but know it.

            • Yes he probably isn’t allowed out much so he has to stay home and troll away all day. How sad that he thinks women with cats who don’t need a man are damaged goods perhaps he was spurned by a woman in favour of a life with her cat because she sees him as the complete freak he clearly is.

  3. I like Doris Day also and it’s very good to see a celebrity putting her money to helping animals.
    Especially even though she prefers dogs, helping to pay for the neutering of cats, she obviously cares about them too.

    • I have just thought of another actress well known for her love of animals, wild cats in fact: Tippi Hedren who famously played the woman who was stabbed in the shower scene of Hitchcock’s film: Psycho and bitten by crows etc. in The Birds. She is still alive and has a cat sanctuary in California called “Shambala”.

      • fwiw, it was Janet Leigh who was stabbed in the shower in Psycho. Tippi Hedren was, however, in The Birds, and 2 other Hitch movies.

      • I much admire Celia Hammond too, her wonderful Celia Hammond Trust and her charity rescued all the cats from the Olympic Village when it was being built and the cats losing their home and possibly their lives.

        • She is another well known and beautiful person who has devoted her life after celebrity to the welfare of cats.

          She rescued the feral cats from the Olympic site before development began. It was not easy. She was meticulous in trapping them all.

  4. I, also, am a huge fan of Doris Day. Anyone has to admire her talents; but, it’s her devotion to animals that sets her aside from other stars.

    I, equally, admire Betty White who is also 91 years old and going strong. She had 3 marriages, 2 failed but the 3rd with Allen Ludden lasted 18 years. He died in 1981 and she never married again.
    But, her commitment to animal welfare is well known and has spanned decades. She is one of the strongest animal advocates among the stars also.

    • It is difficult to not like her. She was a very charming, beautiful actress with a world famous voice. To love animals as she does makes her special for me.

      Brigitte Bardot is another wonderful lady who has totally shunned plastic surgery – she actually looks old (and great) – and who adores animals and fights for them.

      I don’t know Betty White that well. I don’t think several divorces means anything. It might mean the person has a strong personality. It certainly does not mean the person is no good. There are countless great people who have been married several times.

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