After more than three years apart, a twist of fate reunites a cat with his owner

Thanks to a microchip and a twist of fate, a Lubbock, Texas veterinary technician was recently reunited with her cat who went missing over three years ago.

A twist of fate reunites cat with the owner (YouTube screenshot)
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Peyton McPeak had been caring of Ra’s, a black beauty, for months and thought he was a stray. Worried that Ra’s wouldn’t be cared for when the time came for her to graduate,

Since Peyton didn’t want to leave Ra’s outside to fend for himself, she decided to call around and try to find Ra’s a forever home. She explained the chance of fate in an interview with Everything Lubbock

“It was really weird because I just called a random vet. I just scrolled through Google and found a vet. I seriously didn’t think there would be a chip. There must have been a reason the cat came to me.”

Gabriella Arias was very surprised and grateful.

“Out of all the clinics, she brought him to this clinic. I was really happy. I just started hugging that young lady for taking care of him.”

Original post after Ra’s went missing

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2 thoughts on “After more than three years apart, a twist of fate reunites a cat with his owner”

  1. I love stories like this one. I believe that everything happens for a reason. There are no coincidences in the universe.☮️☯️???️

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