After our Cats Cross the Feline Rainbow Bridge: One Day we will be reunited

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There is something magical and truly mystical about the unconditional love that our cats give us. We are blessed when our cats look up at us with an abundance of deeply devoted trust. Those unique bonds that continue to develop between us over time is indeed a veritable honor which must never be taken for granted.

But at the same time that the profound joy which such tender love brings us is not without risk . . . because at the exact moment that we open our hearts to that precious gift, we must simultaneously open to the overwhelming heartache we will feel when our beloved cats die.

Yet we can take comfort in the thought that one day we will once again be reunited with our beautiful cats that we so deeply adored and still miss. There is a very special place in Heaven where, when it is time, we will have the joy of holding our cats in our arms once again, to feel the tender loving touch of a gentle paw caressing our cheek and smell the sweet aroma of their soft fur. We will rejoice in hearing the familiar deep purr and their sweet, soft mews.

Many people call this special place in Heaven the Rainbow Bridge. This is a place that is filled with an abundance of dazzling light and healing energy that our cats are instantly restored to radiant health and vitality. Those who were old or sick no longer suffer and are once again healthy and spirited. Cats who were injured or maimed are now strong and vigorous.

At this glorious place called the Rainbow Bridge our magnificent cats can bask in the brilliant, warm sunshine, enjoy the taste of the bountiful food and quench their thirst with fresh, cool spring water. After they curl up for an afternoon nap, our cats are awakened by the fresh scent of lush green grass and they romp and play happily chasing butterflies and cavorting with all of their new friends; cats who are sharing this special place in Heaven.

Although our cats are happy and contented and have lots of friends and places to explore, they all feel that something very important is missing, because our cats truly miss us; their specially adored humans who were sorrowfully left behind. They are keenly aware that their special person is still thinking about them and is missing them because these cats were cherished so deeply.

However, one day while our beloved cats are leaping in the air chasing sunbeams, or stalking through the grass playing with the frogs, in one truly miraculous moment, our cats suddenly, from the distance, catch a glimpse of us slowly approaching. Our cats’ bodies quiver with delight. Their whiskers bristle forward, their tails shoot straight up in the air. It’s not our imagination, because we are really hearing our kitties’ joyous, excited welcoming mew telling us how glorious it is to once again to see us and to be in their company.

And as we stroll down the path with our cats at our side they happily rub up against our legs. It is wondrous and reassuring to be with them again and to hear their thundering purrs. What a joy it is to finally know that we will never be separated again because we are together forever at this very special place in Heaven.

  • Written in Memory of Dr. Hush Puppy 1/1/2000-7-22-2015
  • Photo credit: Poem picture: Flickr User: Diane
  • Photo credit: Jo Singer of Dr. Hush Puppy
  • Painting of rainbow bridge by Tyler Humphreys/Tyler Workshop.

4 thoughts on “After our Cats Cross the Feline Rainbow Bridge: One Day we will be reunited”

  1. I just downloaded a book to my IPad titled “Wagging Tails in Heaven” by Gary Kurz. Haven’t had a chance to read but will as I travel in the next few days. He also wrote one titled “Cold Noses at the Pearly Gates” which I do not have. My believe is that a loving God would not have created these loving, precious creatures for our pleasure and not take them to be with us in heaven.

  2. “…Our cats’ bodies quiver with delight. Their whiskers bristle forward, their tails shoot straight up in the air.” What a glorious mental image this gave me!

    I have always believed that we will be reunited with our beloved ones, of all species, in due time. Our souls leave worn-out or ill or maimed bodies much as some of us leave housing that is no longer habitable, to find much better places. The bonds that I have, and have had, with my loved ones are eternal. They do not stop for illness or injury. Of course, I am absolutely confident in our reunification in due time — we are promised this!

  3. Have you ever had a cat who you were sure was a reincarnation of a prior one? I’ve heard that from many cat guardians. I believe that when we (humans, felines,canines) may have options. I believe first, maybe we have some *work* to review this last life, and then decide what to do *next.* Is there Heaven, where one retires in joy? If you have a particular purpose or gift you want to come back and pursue, you can do that. Perhaps help or guide others, be an angel, Aa guide, a teacher,one who helps those new arrivals with their life-review, etc. I think we have options and so do our beloved kitties.

    • I’m a believer in the eternal progression of all souls, Rani. I believe that we have many options at the time that we leave our current life. One of those may well be to return to the setting that we previously departed from It could be to help a very distraught person or to attempt to correct a wrong. Whatever it may be, I know of people who would swear that their beloved cat is back with them. For me, I’ve never wanted my beloved cats to remain stagnant. I always tell them to fly, go with their god, and that I will be OK.


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