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“Aggressive Cat” Russian Blue “Kush” To Go Home (update) — 14 Comments

  1. The benefit of the doubt for the owners. Sassy kitty was an adult feral cat and never really took to house life. She remained territorial and aggressive with humans right up till the day she ran for the woods mid-move. Since even declawed, she took down full grown wild rabbits with ease, clearly, NO owner was right for her. Even my ‘cat whisperer’ of a mother couldn’t really cool the head of that tiny tiger. Some cats are just not wired for domestic living.

  2. How ridiculous calling the police! poor cat she looks so sad 🙁 I always get annoyed at these people who makes these damaging statements like ‘my cat attacked me’ or ‘my cat is a monster’ Its so irresponsible and the cat of course can’t tell his side of the story! Tell me why do we always believe the humans? the shelter should have never let the cat go back 🙁

  3. I agree with everyone else who says Kush should be rehomed. Surely if the Gregorys were so frightened of her they wouldn’t want her back, it sounds to me like an exaggerated story in order to get press attention.
    Some people will do anything for ‘5 minutes of fame’
    I don’t believe any cat attacks a person unless they are goaded into it.

      • Personally, I say…if you have to get police intervention to deal with your cat…you do not get her back. It is obviously an unsafe environment for the cat. She deserves a safe place.

        • Agreed. To even have the idea of calling the police for help is considered absurd by all decent and knowledgeable cat caretakers. It is beyond belief for me and the owners can’t be trusted.

  4. This is very concerning! I’m glad she is getting vaccinated and spayed but I’m not at all sure she will get the proper care once she goes back to live with the Gregory’s. I hope I’m wrong but I’m not feeling very optimistic about it.

    Thanks for the update Michael.

  5. This worries me a lot! Cats can behave in an extremely withdrawn way when stressed- I suspect that is why she has been acting “nicely” since she has been away from her owner’s residence. But color me jaded.

  6. Truthfully, I would rather Kush were adopted into a more loving home where she wouldn’t be locked in a bathroom all day or stepped on.
    At least she’ll be spayed now after all these years.

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