Ah Diddums: Sam Wood Complains About Being Cyber Bullied

Sam Wood is bleating about being cyber bullied. We know about Sam Wood Outdoors. Redneck, Mr Wood likes to kill animals; any animal but he particularly likes to kill feral cats although he’s never quite sure whether he’s killing someone’s domestic cat companion or a feral cat but never mind that. This is unimportant to Mr Wood. What is important to him, he says, is conservation which, from where I’m standing, is a complete laugh.

Sam Wood
Sam Wood – “the conservationist” who likes to kill as much wildlife as possible.
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How can killing animals at the rate that he kills them be anything to do with conservation? It is far more to do with taking pleasure in killing animals. As a result he is now whinging and complaining online that he is being cyber bullied by animal advocates. You can read his statement here: Wisconsin Man wages war on invasive feral cats, animal rights mob cyber bully in retaliation (link broken April 2018).

My message to Mr Wood: you are not being cyber bullied. You are being criticised, and rightly so, for having an appalling attitude towards animals. Sadly, your blinkered brain is not able to comprehend that simple fact.

Mr Wood says that his Facebook page was shut down for 24 hours as a result of complaints made by animal advocates to Facebook administrators. If that is true then well done to all the animal advocates who achieved it.

He makes a rather stupid comment on an online news website, posted on 14 February. He says that he cannot understand how a person can claim to love animals and treat people so badly. What he means is that he can’t understand how animal advocates can treat him so badly.

The reason why he cannot understand it is because he is blind to the fact that he is cruel to animals and this cruelty is the end result of taking pleasure in killing animals. It does not take animal lovers to understand that what he’s doing is indecent and it has nothing to do with wildlife conservation so, Mr Wood, please stop pretending that it is. As is the case for nearly all hunters and trappers, they try and justify their cruel pastime by claiming it is good for conservation. Balderdash!

In a previous post I mentioned that Mr Wood firmly believes everything that is written about feral cat predation on wildlife because he wants to believe it even though many experts would concede that we simply do not know at this time the impact that feral cats have on wildlife, particularly birds, on a national or global scale. We have to keep a balanced view on this and Mr Wood is unable to do it.

The clear indications are the feral cats do not decimate bird populations but human activity has a massive, negative impact on all wildlife on the planet. Humans need to clear up their mess before passing the buck onto cats.

I am not religious but to quote the American version of the bible at Matthew 7:3, here is another message to Mr Wood about hypocrisy:

“Why do you look at the speck that is in your brother’s eye, but do not notice the log that is in your own eye?

Second message to Mr Wood: Stop being a hypocrite by blaming cats for harming wildlife when humans, and people like you in particular, do far more harm.

7 thoughts on “Ah Diddums: Sam Wood Complains About Being Cyber Bullied”

  1. Sam Wood is a Psycho. The little trailer trash loser is happy he is finally getting his 15 minutes of fame. He doesn’t care that his fame is only there because 99% of the population think he is a crazy, redneck, POS.

  2. Right on Michael. That person’s attitude and behavior is wrong, damaging and intolerable. I hope he somehow gets it right and does a 180… soon! It’s been known to happen.


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