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Air dropping frozen, poisonous sausages to kill feral cats — 7 Comments

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  4. So to eliminate feral cats they kill all wildlife too. Sounds like a brilliant scheme. It’s not just poisoned bait that kills. The dead animals will in all likelihood be eaten by dingoes and die too. How about dropping poisoned hamburgers on Government House?

  5. There has to be a better way to address the “cat problem” they think they have. They definitely have a human problem. What are they doing about the humans who are decimating an entire species of animal as well as collateral animals, which in the end won’t keep them from repopulating anyway. All these stubborn humans are doing is killing and causing untold pain and anguish.

  6. Dingos would keep them in line. But of course they are being killed off. And this is again the humans fault because….they let the kids out and do not keep them indoors and get them fixed!! Dropping bait like this will kill more than just the cats. It will kill all the wildlife that eats it. IDIOTS!! While the cats are a problem indeed for the native wildlife baiting them like this will not work!

    • The Aussies are obsessed with killing cats so the chuck tons of poisoned sausages all over the country. Mad to me.

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