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  1. Airlines are tightening up requirements regarding “emotional support animals” being allowed out of the carriers in the cabin due to incidents of biting and animals urinating and defecating in the cabin. Currently there is no requirement that the passenger provide any documentation to the airline that the ESA has been trained in any way and will not create havoc in the cabin. A whole cottage industry on the internet provides certificates for travelers wishing to avoid the pet fees on flights to be able to say their pet is an ESA. All you have to do is answer a few questions, pay a fee, and a “vet” will sign and send you a certificate in the mail that the animal is an ESA. What could possibly go wrong with that? Just exactly what is happening, people get bitten and pets urinate and defecate in the cabin.

    • Thanks. I had read and written a page on the tightening up of emotional support animal rules as it was being abuse. Airlines were becoming zoos.

    • The airlines allow ESA to be out of the carrier. They do not require documentation that the animal has had any behaviour training. People want to avoid the pet fee. And this proves that it is a disaster.

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