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Aktivait: capsule to improve mental alertness in older cats — 5 Comments

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  2. I’m not familiar with this trade name; but, I’m aware that Hills Science Diet has a canine food on the market with the same ingredients in it.
    I don’t really see how the ingredients listed will actually make a change in cognition. They’re really considered supportive supplements that may help some with slowing the progression of the already present dementia.
    There’s nothing harmful; and, I think using it would make caretakers feel good that they are doing something helpful even if it has no impact on the animal.
    I think that consumers for animal products need to keep in mind that many companies play to our emotions, knowing that we are influenced by products claiming to enhance the lives’ of our pets.

    • I agree but what caught my eye was a short article by Dr Fogle a well-known British vet who said that dogs have been shown to improve with this product. It is probably worth trying. If I had known about it I’d have tried it on my late Binnie as she had a bit of dementia.

      • I like and respect Dr. Fogle.
        I just have a thing about any practitioner endorsing or partnering with products on the market. I don’t like walking into a doctor’s office and seeing what looks like advertisements all over. Worse yet are the offices with commercials for products playing over and over… no programming… just one product info commercial after another.

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