Alabama firefighter suffered an electric shock while trying to rescue a cat from behind a stove

A Mobile, Alabama firefighter suffered an electric shock Sunday while trying to rescue a cat from behind a stove, Fox10 News reported November 11.

the scene outside Mobile, Alabama home where a firefighter was injured (Fox10 screenshot)
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Steven Millhouse with Mobile Fire-Rescue said a homeowner who lived in the area came into the station and asked for help when their cat became stuck behind the stove. He said the team thought electricity had been turned off before the firefighter attempted to rescue the cat.

The firefighter was knocked unconscious. CPR was started by members of the team and the firefighter was taken to University Hospital. He’s awake and expected to make a full recovery. The cat is doing fine. The homeowners are upset the firefighter was injured.

The video below is long and full of flashing lights but some of you may find it of interest. It basically tells what I’ve reported here. (Facebook video may be slow to load)

Please keep in mind anytime you need to rescue a cat, whether it’s behind a stove or a dryer or anything that may be considered dangerous to be sure the electricity is turned off.

A similar situation took place during the summer and had a tragic ending when a ten-year-old East Texas girl was electrocuted and killed while trying to get to her kittens who had gone behind the clothes dryer. Michael covered that story here.

This article should be shared widely so pet owners understand the dangers associated with rescuing a trapped cat when electricity is involved.

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