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Alabama veterinarian grossly abuses elderly cat while being filmed — 8 Comments

  1. Saw this posted who use to work for this vet. I started crying when he was hanging hanging her.

    9 months ago
    I worked for this man for several years and he should definitely not be allowed to continue to be a veterinarian! One of the veterinarians who worked for him and myself started a new animal hospital because working for him was so hideous. He does not care about the animals and he is extremely cheap. We never had proper sanitization in the kennels or the surgical room because he was too cheap to buy the supplies that we needed. I witnessed a Boston terrier being treated similarly to that cat. There is definitely something wrong when clients are not allowed to see the entire animal hospital. If you ask to tour the hospital, you should be able to see it and know that your pet is being well taken care of. When I worked for him we were not allowed to show clients where the animals were kept or anything else. He should most definitely have his license taken away, at the least, so that he cannot hurt any other animals. If anyone who uses this hospital is looking for a great animal hospital, please try Healing Hands Animal Hospital which is also in Ozark. The vets and the staff there are truly caring and it is a wonderful place!

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  3. Obviously the attorney is blinded by his fee. The video is proof that the cat was abused drastically. Otherwise, she would have been sedated prior to the exam in order to ensure her cooperation. Garbage!

  4. Based on what you said, I will not watch the video. I do not understand why he would not be jailed, but I certainly hope his license is revoked, and that he pays a huge fine. I hope the cat’s owner brings a civil suit against this monster. Praying for a just outcome….

    • You are right: don’t watch it. It is sheer hell as far as I am concerned. It is the breach of trust which is shocking. The cat is so vulnerable in this cold consultation room with a terrorist vet. Take care.

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