Alan the Flying Cat and Louie the Pouncer

Alan the Flying Cat and Louie the Pouncer

by Patricia Robidart
(Albany, Oregon USA)

Flying Alan & Pouncing Louie

Flying Alan & Pouncing Louie

I have lived with a constant Siamese friend for over 30 years. These two are amazing! Alan, the flame point walks on a leash, chases deer out of the yard, loves steamed milk, white wine, and playing with stuffed animals and being pulled in cart.

Louie is a gentle giant that formerly loved to hunt but now prefers the company of Alan or myself.

Hi Patricia..... This is a great picture for a cat site that revolves around pictures of cats! It looks like your Siamese is a traditional Siamese. Great, I prefer them. Louie has a fine coat. I seems that Siamese cats take a leash well because we have a Siamese cat here (in the summer) who walks around the gardens on a leash as calm as you like. Siamese cats are pretty smart.

Thanks for dropping by and sharing. If you want to upload more pics I can do it for you. Just email me at:

mjbmeister at replacing at with @

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Alan the Flying Cat and Louie the Pouncer

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Dec 18, 2009
Smart cat
by: Finn Frode, Denmark

Hi Patricia. It's a wonderful shot with lots of action. Louie has a beautiful pattern - and you say he likes being pulled in a cart? Smart guy. 😉

Dec 17, 2009
great pic
by: kathy

Your cat Louie looks just like my Bengal mix Lia. When I showed your picture to my boyfriend he said Louie boxes just like Lia also. You got them in great poses. I keep trying to get my cats flying but I just dont have a good enough camera. My new little Savannah really can fly. Lia and my cat Midnight both love her and they play with her. I whish I could get them in some good poses but I guess Im just not meant to be a photographer.

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