Albino Siamese Elfine

by Liz

Albino Siamese

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Albino Siamese

I am awaiting genetic test results to confirm albinism. Elfine is pure white. She has blue eyes with a pinkish rim. I can't get a good pic of her eyes as she usually closes them when I snap the pic.

The genetics for coat color is very complicated. It involves more than one gene. Genetic testing can be done by VGL of UC Davis for $60.

If she turns out to be a genetically confirmed albino, I plan to breed her. If she is not, she will be fixed.


Thanks Liz.... for showing us Elfine. For the rest of the visitors I'll just write a bit about albino cats and albinism.

Robinson's Genetics describes "albino" as a pink or red-eyed mutant! The cat is completely devoid of pigment. Blue or dark eyed white cats are not albinos. Of course the Siamese cat coat is a form of "incomplete albinism".

Cats that are true albinos are homozygous for the c allele.

The albino allele is inherited as a recessive to full color C. Genetics are a complete nightmare!

Apparently the pink-eyed albino was first described in 1930 and in the USA in 1980.

When you have the results back you might like to add a comment. Good luck.


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