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Albino Siamese — 11 Comments

    • Keith, please try again and just make sure that file size of the photograph is not too large. I would like to see an albino Siamese cat if the photographs that you are loading is of such a cat.

  1. Pink eyed albinism is the extreme, not a RULE of the genetic trait. Check out Johnny and Edgar Winters, famous bluesmen brothers from Texas. A tendency toward eye weakness, sensitivity to light, and some irregularities in pigmentation and vitamin metabolization,are sufficient to make the characterization in humans. My new adopted cat is a true Siamese,an “applehead” with a piercing and very communicative voice some might recognize, he is also functionally blind beyond about 10-12 feet. I will post his pic shortly.

  2. The cat in the main photo isn’t albino – he’s a Foreign White/White Oriental Shorthair. Sadly a lot of folks see an all-white cat and jump to the conclusion it must be albino. A blue-eyed albino has very washed-out looking blue eyes, not vivid blue eyes.

  3. So, I believe that this is where they came upon the breed (shorthair oriental). I had one of these and they are actually not very hard to come by. Siamese cats, years ago, that developed genetic mutations that moved their phenotypic appearance away from that of a typical Siamese were then bread to be shorthair orientals. They range from striped gray, pure gray, white, etc…just like domestic shorthair cats we typically see in America.

  4. Greetings;
    The other day, a long haired Albino Cat marched into my home and decided to stay. It was very hungry, full of fleas and in general starved down. It’s a female and it is looking for a boy cat. Is there anyone out there with a male albino long haired cat they might like to mate with my cat? As for specific breed, it is an Alleycatus Nonspecificus or something along those lines with one yellow and one blue eye. My E-Mail address is herbst@fairpoint.net

    • Hi, thanks for the comment. Are you sure you think it is a good idea to breed from your albino cat? There are lots of cats that need homes. I know albino cats are interesting and rare but…

    • If your cat has one blue and one yellow eye, she is a odd-eyed white, not albino. The yellow eye has melanin, a pigment that true albinos lack. Also, you really should have this kitty spayed, since there are way too many cats/kittens in shelters waiting for homes, and your cat is not a purebred.

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