by Kelly

Albus - enhanced image

Albus - enhanced image

Albus - enhanced image Albus

I responded to a newspaper advertisement and picked out Albus when he was a kitten. He is a little over a year old now and I couldn't live without him.

He weighs probably about 13 lbs. now which seems pretty big to me. He's so active and he's always into everything.

He loves to play with water from the sink faucet and he likes to hangout in and around the bath tub even when the shower is on.

I don't know anything about his breed but I thought he might be part Maine Coon. I know it's not possible to tell for sure but what do you think?


Hi Kelly... thanks for sharing. Albus is a handsome boy and I think he does have a bit of Maine Coon in him.

There are a lot of Maine Coon mix cats out there. He is a mackerel tabby. Lots of Maine Coons are tabby cats.

He has an attentive and friendly face, which looks a bit Maine Coonish to me!

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