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All 40 Cats At A Rescue Center Are Black — 5 Comments

  1. I have always had at least 1 or 2 black cats in the clowder. Right now, my eldest black cat is the matron and head of The Clowder, and is 18 years old.Howie is 9 and Joy (a deaf feral) is about 7. I take as many pictures of them as I do of the others. All cats are special, and black cats maybe more so.

  2. I forgot to include a photo of Pete. Like I said, it’s easy to take a bad photo, but it’s more than just what colors stand out. A lot of television shows in the early days of color TV were loaded with primary colors (the sets, the wardrobes) which didn’t reflect true life. Reality is about context too. If there’s a message or story in the photo, that’s most important. In this photo, Pete is seen as a youngster (taken with a cheap camera) then near his end with white whiskers (better camera and lighting). So with a little MORE effort one can take good photos.

  3. I have nothing against black cats at all. Pete, my black cat was a dear, dear friend. With a cheap camera and little effort one can take bad photos easily. Also I suspect people aren’t being totally honest about their superstitions and vanity. So yes, people, especially in and around Bristol need to get over it and recognize an opportunity to go pick out up a black cat from this rescue center. I think they’re extraordinarily handsome, like black panthers. And I don’t know how color patterns correlate to innate personality, but I do know that people tend to see and draw out what they want in things. It’s like how people believe in horoscopes.

  4. Hogwash they don’t photograph well. I’ve have 3 black cats and they are as cute as can be. More and more I am less fond of humans. Maybe as you gets older you see their true colors.

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