All Breeds of Cat

All breeds of cat video–Yep, here is a standard video in many ways but in one way it is very non-standard. 77 cat breeds are in one video and most of the pictures are by the world’s best cat photographer.You can’t get better than that! It was put together very quickly in fact in about 2 hours total time using Google Picasa (and I made a mistake as a result…). Did you know that you can use Picasa to make great videos?The number of cat breeds on this video is larger than the registered cat breeds by any one cat associations (as far as I am aware) so some are outside the system waiting to get in.

One cat breed was inadvertently missed out. The first one to tell me which one gets a reward of $50 (provided you have a PayPal account!Cute Smileys

Two useful tags. Click either to see the articles:- Toxic to cats | Dangers to cats
) You can tell me by going to my YouTube channel (new window) and leaving a comment. Update: Prize now won! Ans: Savannah cat.

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There are a large number of cat breeds. In fact there are more than in this video but the remainder are on the fringes. Please also remember that this video really deals with USA cat breeds. The USA is the world’s biggest cat fancy. That is why I chose these breeds. Hope you enjoy this video. All Breeds of Cat to Home Page.

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