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All cat owners in America must see and understand this — 3 Comments

  1. The reason the butcher vets don’t tell clients what really happens is because they want to fatten their wallets. I do know what is involved, and all those tendons, nerves, and ligaments retract into the cat’s leg, and the paws become “frozen” and can’t flex any more. My mother in law has a declawed cat, and he’s the most withdrawn and saddest cat I’ve ever seen. He also has weak shoulder and back muscles because of the declawing–can’t hook claws into post and really set back and give himself a good workout. When I told her what really was done, she was horrified, and was sorry for what she had done. But the damage was done. I wish this mutilation would stop in the USA as is happening in Canada. Most other countries ban it as well. I had a polydactyl cat that had a “super claw” that was growing into another of his toes. Only that one was removed, and he was happier because his foot didn’t hurt any more. The rest of his claws remained intact.

  2. Reality is shocking and painful, but the truth cannot be hidden. This article is spot on. Declawing is butchering the foot of a cat, which maims the poor animal for life.😱😭

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