All cat owners in America must see and understand this

These declawing photos will upset you and so will the words but it must be seen and read. There is a lack of knowledge among cat owners of what the declawing operation really is.


  1. PHOTO 1 – The operating table at a vet’s after a declaw operation. This has to be the claws and bone of more than one cat.
  2. PHOTO 2 – The claws and last phalange of declawed cats
  3. PHOTO 3 – The operating table at a vet’s after a declaw operation

I want to see hundreds of shares on this please. I don’t want this post to be forgotten and read by ten people. It’s about time cat owners stared at the truth of cat declawing. This is what happens behind the waiting room where the receptionist is oh so nice to the client while butcher vet is at the back hacking off a cat’s toes.

This operation is unnecessary 99.9% of the time. It is done to protect furniture.

The photos have to seen by ordinary cat owners living in America. The more the better because most veterinary clinic clients don’t have a clue what is going on and the veterinarian does not tell them.

Here are the words of a vet tech on declawing at her clinic.

Most clients have no idea what the procedure consists of and I feel the lack of education about declawing is a huge reason why people do this to their cats…..My vet does not do any counseling on the procedure, but he doesn’t push for it either. I speak up as much as I can about the alternatives; I have stopped numerous clients from declawing their cats by educating them….”

While many think there is a quick recovery from a declaw procedure, this photo shows the horrendous aftermath of a four paw declaw’s bandage removal. The cat simply shook its paw and blood started pouring out. Unfortunately the cat was 4 years old, with fully developed nerves in the paws and toes. I cannot imagine the pain this innocent and loving cat had to have been in. Regardless of age, it is painful for a feline to have its claws and toes removed. Does this look like its worth saving a sofa?”

The words and photos of a vet tech who finds declawing disgusting

Now, those are the words of a good vet tech with first hand declawing experience. After her first look at a declawing operation she can’t attend the operation any more. Her veterinarian is not as good because he does not explain to clients what declawing is all about and he provides a discount service to encourage clients to declaw. In an absolute sense this is a very bad veterinarian who would be removed from the register in the UK.

The pictures speak for themselves. They are from a horror movie. Only it happens three times a month at this clinic and it is not a movie.

My thanks to Cassandra wants her claws back.

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3 thoughts on “All cat owners in America must see and understand this”

  1. The reason the butcher vets don’t tell clients what really happens is because they want to fatten their wallets. I do know what is involved, and all those tendons, nerves, and ligaments retract into the cat’s leg, and the paws become “frozen” and can’t flex any more. My mother in law has a declawed cat, and he’s the most withdrawn and saddest cat I’ve ever seen. He also has weak shoulder and back muscles because of the declawing–can’t hook claws into post and really set back and give himself a good workout. When I told her what really was done, she was horrified, and was sorry for what she had done. But the damage was done. I wish this mutilation would stop in the USA as is happening in Canada. Most other countries ban it as well. I had a polydactyl cat that had a “super claw” that was growing into another of his toes. Only that one was removed, and he was happier because his foot didn’t hurt any more. The rest of his claws remained intact.

  2. Frances A Danna

    Reality is shocking and painful, but the truth cannot be hidden. This article is spot on. Declawing is butchering the foot of a cat, which maims the poor animal for life.??

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