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  1. I could NEVER have my beloved, sweet (shorthaired Exotic-Persian cat) declawed because I couldn’t stand the thought of the physical pain involved & potential emotional trauma…Two of my formerly “nice” upholstered kitchen chairs are now close to having near BALD spots from all the looong fibers he’s shredded, & then I dutifully trim them off…Of course, I don’t like it, but it’s a small “price” to pay… I’m happy to report that after having bought a really cute, horizontal, “chaise lounge” scratching piece from Chewy.com that it’s greatly reduced his chair scratching…g r i n s
    Btw, 20 years ago I adopted a GORGEOUS, longhaired female who I’d heard had been “returned” to the shelter numerous times by previous adopters…I could hardly believe it…’Mrs. Beasley’ was one of THE most affectionate, (loved EVERYBODY) sweet girls who routinely ran down the hall to greet me everytime I came home…I quickly realized why this darling loving cat had been having problems finding her “forever home” …She wouldn’t use the litter box (& I experimented w/ all the numerous box types AND the whole gamut of all the different litters) with any regularity…(She even occasionally peed on my purses & shoes???) By the time our Vet finally figured out what the problem was after all her lab work always came back normal & there were no apparent health-related reasons for avoiding her litter boxes, I was STUNNED & so saddened…The fact that this sweet girl had been declawed sometime before she landed in the shelter…& not only on front feet, but her BACK FEET as well, was determined to be related to her…or, “our” problem…She probably experienced great pain upon entering her litter box right after her dreadful surgery…Although her pain & discomfort eventually went away…her assoc. with “p a i n + l i t t e r b o x” never left her…I could never EVER abandon her (how could I???) so I spent the next approximate 14 YEARS, on my hands & knees, scrubbing carpet, but it truly worth the effort & inconvenience…
    Current EMOTIONAL turmoil…My cousin & her husband adopted their cat from a local shelter, & they instantly fell head over heels in love with ‘Laura’…She is their “child”…Sadly, my cousin is now in complete kidney failure 4 years later, & in order for her to be Registered on the Nat’l. Kidney Transplant list (the final effort to try & save her life…Her Dr’s & the Transplant Team have informed her she absolutely HAS TO…no “ifs, ands, or buts,” have ‘Laura’ declawed…front AND back… since the risk of ANY infection from even a MINOR scratch to my cousin could now
    have devastating consequences…Since they can’t bear the thought of declawing ‘Laura’or permanently giving her up, they’re desperately trying to find an alternative in a relatively short amount of time…
    Thank God, this all too common & barbaric “act” has become such a BIG Int’l. story of such interest, that now more & more & more people won’t even CONSIDER declawing their beloved cats…

    • Thanks for sharing your thoughts Poppy. If course I fully agree and well done in caring for your declawed cat. She may have had continuing discomfort due to bone shards in her paws. There are some vets who do repair surgery on declawed cats because a lot of these declaw operations are botched. The vet leaves shards of bone in the paw.

      As for Laura, although I don’t endorse them, claw caps are one possible solution. Although someone other than your cousin would have to put them on. It is possible to virtually eliminate the chance of a cat scratch or play bite. You have to know your cat really well and know when she or he might play bite or use her claws in a non-aggressive way. Then you avoid those moments. A lot if not almost all cat scratches and bites inflicted on cat owners are caused by the owner inadvertently provoking the cat and often for the cat it is play of some description. Or trying to grab something from the person or redirected aggression – those sorts of things.

      Good luck and thanks again for sharing.

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