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All four paws declawed cat found in the UK — 6 Comments

  1. Poor Rinder. I don’t know of any vet in the UK who has ever declawed a cat, even when it was legal here, in fact our vets shudder at the very thought! Surely even if a vet from a country where declawing is legal, worked here, they wouldn’t dare do this as he/she would be arrested, as would anyone who assisted at the surgery and the cat’s owner too!
    I thought at first about an ex air force family going over to America to visit and bringing the cat back with them. Yet how would someone bring an entire tom cat into this country, he would have had to be microchipped and there are rabies laws and airport checks so he couldn’t have been smuggled in! Jennifer, founder of the Paw Project is awaiting x rays of the cat’s paws to study and see if the last toe joint x 18 was actually amputated, or the claws cut down to almost non existence, in which case surely they will grow back. This is all a real mystery! Will we ever know the truth?

    • Thanks Ruth for your thoughts. It is a very strange case. But I feel it has to be case of an American cat becoming a stray or abandoned because as you say it is unthinkable that a British vet would declaw a cat in Britain. They all know it would be a crime. It would be the end of their careers and business.

      • The only thing with it being an “American” cat is that as stated above, it would have been microchipped in order to be brought into the country. The cat is too young to not have had to have had those requirements. It wouldn’t have mattered if the owners were American or British, the rules for importing pets apply across the board. It all sounds very strange! I suppose a way around the usual rules would be if it had somehow wandered onto a ship and wound up here, but then how did it get to Kirton?

  2. We often say we wish animals could talk, but this is really one case where I wish he could tell his story. How odd that he was declawed but not neutered.

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